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Quantitative three-dimensional local order analysis
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Quantitative three-dimensional local order analysis of nanomaterials through electron diffraction

Ella Mara Schmidt; Paul Benjamin Klar; Yasar Krysiak; Petr Svora; Andrew L. Goodwin; Luke Palatinus

Nature Communications 14 (2023)

doi: 10.1038/s41467-023-41934-y

Structure-property relationships in ordered materials have long been a core principle in materials design. However, the introduction…

vibration of a crystal
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Toward a Complete Theory of Crystal Vibrations

Jan Berges

Physics 16(2023)


A new set of equations captures the dynamical interplay of electrons and vibrations in crystals and forms a basis for computational studies.

Although a crystal is a highly ordered structure, it is never at rest: its atoms…

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Tidying up the conformational ensemble of a disordered peptide by computational prediction of spectroscopic fingerprints

Monika Michaelis, Lorenzo Cupellini, Carl Mensch, Carole C. Perry, Massimo Delle Piane, Lucio Colombi Ciacchia

Chemical Science 14(2023)


The most advanced structure prediction methods are powerless in exploring the conformational ensemble of disordered…

acustic image
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Identifying damage mechanisms of composites by acoustic emission and supervised machine learning

Renato S.M. Almeida;  Marcelo D. Magalhães;  Md Nurul Karim; Kamen Tushtev; Kurosch Rezwan.

Materials and Design, 227 (2023), 111745

doi: 10.1016/j.matdes.2023.111745

Acoustic emission (AE) is a well-established technique for in-situ damage analysis of composite materials. The main challenge,…

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The MaMBA facility as a testbed for bioregenerative life support systems

Christiane Heinicke; Cyprien Verseux.

Life Sciences in Space Research 36 (2023), 86 - 89 


The Moon and Mars Base Analog (MaMBA) is a concept for an extraterrestrial habitat developed at the Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity (ZARM)…

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Stille vs. Suzuki - cross-coupling for the functionalization of diazocines

Melanie Walther, Waldemar Kipke, Raul Renkena and Anne Staubitz

RSC Advances, 13 (2023), 15805 - 15809

doi: 10.1039/d3ra02988c

Diazocines are azobenzene derived macrocyclic photoswitches with well resolved photostationary states for the (E)- and (Z)-isomers, which improves their addressability by…

chemical reviews
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Nanoporous Gold: From Structure Evolution to Functional Properties in Catalysis and Electrochemistry

Gunther Wittstock, Marcus Bäumer, Wilke Dononelli, Thorsten Klüner, Lukas Lührs, Christoph Mahr, Lyudmila V. Moskaleva, Mehtap Oezaslan, Thomas Risse, Andreas Rosenauer, Anne Staubitz, Jörg Weissmüller, and Arne Wittstock.

Chemical Reviews 123 (2023), 6716 - 6792 

doi: 10.1021/acs.chemrev.2c0…

MAPEX Research Highlights|

Memoryless drop breakup in turbulence

Alberto Vela-Martin  AND Marc Avila

Science Advances 8 (2022)

doi: 10.1126/sciadv.abp9561

The breakup of drops and bubbles in turbulent fluids is a key mechanism in many environmental and engineering processes. Even in the well-studied dilute case, quantitative descriptions of drop fragmentation…

Material Discrimination
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Material Discrimination in Nanoparticle Hetero-Aggregates by Analysis of Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy Images

Beeke Gerken; Christoph Mahr;  Jakob Stahl; Tim Grieb; Marco Schowalte; Florian F. Krause; Thorsten Mehrtens; Lutz Mädler and Andreas Rosenauer

Particle and Particle Systems Characterization 40 (2023)


Hetero-contacts are interfaces between different…

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Ga-induced delithiation of grain boundaries in a Li containing Al-based alloy

L.T. Belkacemi; Gault B.; Esin V.A.; Epp J.

Materials Characterization 199 (2023), 112812


The investigation of Li containing materials is of crucial importance for a number of material applications, including aerospace engineering. The aluminum…

Oxygen lean atmosphere
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Flame Aerosol Synthesis of Metal Sulfides at High Temperature in Oxygen-Lean Atmosphere

Suman Pokhrel; Jakob Stahl; Jan Derk Groeneveld; Marco Schowalter; Andreas Rosenauer; Johannes Birkenstock and Lutz Mädler.

Advanced Materials  35 (2023), 2211104 

doi: 10.1002/adma.202211104

The development of a novel reactive spray technology based on the well-known gas-phase metal oxide…

Numerical Simulation
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Compensation of sintering deformation for components manufactured by metal binder jetting using numerical simulations

Shahrooz Sadeghi Borujeni;  Gursimran Singh Saluja; Vasily Ploshikhin

Rapid Prototyping Journal 29 (2023)

doi: 10.1108/RPJ-06-2022-0181

Purpose: This study aims at compensating for sintering deformation of components manufactured by metal binder jetting (MBJ) technology.…

catalyst reaction
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Ceramic Open Cell Foams Featuring Plasmonic Hybrid Metal Nanoparticles for In Situ SERS Monitoring of Catalytic Reactions

Tongwei Guo; M. Mangir Murshed; Kurosch RezwanMichael Maas.

Advanced Materials Interfaces 10 (2023)

doi: 10.1002/admi.202300207

This work presents porous zirconia-toughened alumina ceramics functionalized with Au@Pd/Au@Pt core–shell nanoparticle (NP) for in situ monitoring of catalytic…

MAPEX Research Highlights|

Accurate structure models and absolute configuration determination using dynamical effects in continuous-rotation 3D electron diffraction data

Paul B Klar; Yaşar Krysiak; Hongyi Xu; Gwladys Steciuk; Jung Cho; Xiaodong Zou; Lukas Palatinus.

Nature Chemistry 15 (2023), 848 - 855

doi: 10.1038/s41557-023-01186-1

Continuous-rotation 3D electron diffraction methods are increasingly popular for the structure analysis of very small organic…

Nanomaterials combining
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A Machine-Learning-Based Approach for Solving Atomic Structures of Nanomaterials Combining Pair Distribution Functions with Density Functional Theory

Magnus Kløve; Sanna Sommer; Bo B. Iversen; Bjørk Hammer; Wilke Dononelli.

Advanced Materials 35 (2023), 2208220

doi: 10.1002/adma.202208220

Determination of crystal structures of nanocrystalline or amorphous compounds is a great challenge in solid-state chemistry and physics. Pair distribution…

Two female scientists work in front of a computer
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Communication quality affects performance of astronauts and support teams through increased workload: Insights from the AMADEE-20 analog Mars mission

Vera Hagemann, Lara Watermann, Florian Klonek, Christiane Heinicke 

Acta Astronautica Article 210 (2023) ,162-175

doi:, preprint available open access

Astronaut crews and ground control support teams are highly…

Dry adhesive
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Dry-Adhesive Microstructures for Material Handling of Additively Manufactured and Deep-Rolled Metal Surfaces with Reference to Mars

Nicole Mensching, Mirja Louisa Krüger,  Askar Kvaratskheliya, Daniel Meyer, Kirsten Tracht, Ilya Okulov and Lutz Mädler

Materials 16 (2023), 4170

doi:, preprint available open access: doi:

Once on Mars,…

Human habitat
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Human habitats: prospects for infrastructure supporting astronomy from the Moon

C. Heinicke and B. Foing

Philosophical Transactions A  379 (2021) , 2188

doi: 10.1098/rsta.2019.0568

There is strong interest in lunar exploration from governmental space agencies, private companies and the public. NASA is about to send humans to the lunar surface again within the next few years,…


Research Graph
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On the growth dynamics of the cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. PCC 7938 in Martian regolith

Tiago P. Ramalho, Guillaume Chopin, Lina Salman, Vincent Baumgartner, Christiane Heinicke, and Cyprien Verseux

npj Microgravity 8 (2022), 43

The sustainability of crewed infrastructures on Mars will depend on their abilities to produce consumables on…

Research Graph
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Investigation of the dealloying front in partially corroded alloys

Christoph Mahr, Jorge Adrian Tapia Burgos, Marco Schowalter, Arne Wittstock and Andreas Rosenauer.

Material Research Letters 10 (2022),12, 824

Nanoporous gold as obtained by corrosion of alloys of gold and a less noble metal is a system with manifold…

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Disentangling catalysis and mass transport: Using diffusion measurements by pulsed field gradient NMR to reveal the microkinetics of CO oxidation over nanoporous gold

Amineh Baniani, Stefan Wild, Evan M.Forman, Thomas Risse, Sergey Vasenkov, Marcus Bäumer

Journal of Catalyst 413 (2022), 1123

Since the first studies reporting on its surprising catalytic properties, nanoporous gold (npAu) has emerged as a novel and ever…

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Identification of a HTT-specific binding motif in DNAJB1 essential for suppression and disaggregation of HTT

S. M. Ayala Mariscal, M. L. Pigazzini, Y. Richter, M. Özel, I. L. Grothaus, J. Protze, K. Ziege, M. Kulke, M. Elbediwi, J.V. Vermaas, L. Colombi Ciacchi, S. Köppen, F. Liu, J. Kirstein.

Nature Communications 13 (2022) , 4692.

Huntington’s disease is a…

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Ultrahigh Electron Thermal Conductivity in T-Graphene, Biphenylene, and Net-Graphene

Zhen Tong, Alessandro Pecchia, ChiYung Yam, Traian Dumitrică, Thomas Frauenheim

Advanced Energy Materials12 (2022), 28

Although isolated nonhexagonal carbon rings in graphene are associated with strain relaxation and curvature, dense and ordered…

MAPEX Research Highlights|

Spatially resolved direct gas-phase thermometry in chemical reactors using NMR

Harm Ridder, Christoph Sinn, Georg R. Pesch, Wolfgang Dreher, Jorg Thöming

Chemical Engineering Journal  433 (2022), 133583

In the last decade, in-situ studies using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) showed the possibility to monitor local transport…

research graph
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ESA s Cometary Mission Rosetta Re‐Characterization of the COSAC Mass Spectrometry

Guillaume Leseigneur, Dr. Jan Hendrik Bredehöft, Dr. Thomas Gautier, Dr. Chaitanya Giri, Dr. Harald Krüger, Prof. Dr. Alexandra J. MacDermott, Prof. Dr. Uwe J. Meierhenrich, Dr. Guillermo M. Muñoz Caro, Prof. Dr. François Raulin, Dr. Andrew Steele, Dr. Harald Steininger, Prof. Dr. Cyril Szopa, Prof.…

research graph
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Electrochemical Methods for Exploiting Low-Temperature Heat Sources: Challenges in Material Research

Doriano Brogioli, Fabio La Mantia

Advanced Energy Materials12 (2022) , 22

The exploitation of renewable low temperature heat sources below 100 °C can significantly contribute to the transition to a low-carbon economy, in particular if applied to small and…

Research graph
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Numerical simulation of shrinkage and deformation during sintering in metal binder jetting with experimental validation

Shahrooz Sadeghi Borujeni, AnwarShad, Kiranmayi Abburi Venkata, NicoGünther, VasilyPloshikhin

Materials & Design  216 (2022), 110490

Sintering, as a post-processing step in metal binder jetting (MBJ), often results in distortion. Numerical simulations…

MAPEX Research Highlights|

Molecular diameters of rarefied gases

S. Kunze, R. Groll, B. Besser & J. Thöming

Scientific Reports (2022) 12, 2057

Molecular diameters are an important property of gases for numerous scientific and technical disciplines. Different measurement techniques for these diameters exist, each…

research graph
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Open challenges and good experimental practices in the research field of aqueous Zn-ion batteries

Giorgia Zampardi & Fabio La Mantia

Nature Communications 13 (2022) , 687

Aqueous zinc-ion batteries are realistic candidates as stationary storage systems for power-grid applications. However, to accelerate their commercialization, some important…

MAPEX Research Highlights|

Surface-initiated ring-opening polymerization of ε-caprolactone as a feasible approach to modify flax yarn

J. Müller-Hülstede, H. Schäfer, P. Schiffels, P. Bottke, M. Wark, K. Koschek

Composites Part A 152 (2021), 106714

Surface-initiated ring-opening (SI-ROP) polymerization of ɛ-caprolactone is known as possible modification method to increase the hyd…


MAPEX Research Highlights|

Equipping an extraterrestrial laboratory: Overview of open research questions and recommended instrumentation for the Moon

Christiane Heinicke, Solmaz Adeli, Mickael Baqué, Giuseppe Correale, Miranda Fateri, Steven Jaret, Nina Kopacz, Jens Ormö, Lucie Poulet, Cyprien Verseux

Advances in Space Research (2021) 68 (6), 2565-2599

© 2021 COSPAR. Published by Elsevier B.V., https:/…

MAPEX Research Highlights|

Separating microparticles by material and size using dielectrophoretic chromatography with frequency modulation

Jasper Giesler, Laura Weirauch, Jorg Thöming, Michael Baune & Georg R. Pesch 

Scientific Reports (2021) 11, 16861

Separation of (biological) particles (≪10 μm≪10 μm) according to size or other properties is an ongoing challenge in a variety of technical…

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Cationic Carbene Analogues: Donor-Free Phosphenium and Arsenium Ions

Dr. Marian Olaru, Dr. Stefan Mebs, Prof. Dr. Jens Beckmann

Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2021) 60, 19133-19138

Carbenes and their analogues have constantly enthralled chemists with their intriguing reactivity of ambiphilic character stemming from…

MAPEX Research Highlights|

A modeling approach for unveiling adsorption of toxic ions on iron oxide nanocrystals

Inna Kurganskaya, Nabeel Khan Niazi, Andreas Luttge

Journal of Hazardous Materials (2021) 417, 5

The era of advanced computer simulations in materials science enables a great potential to design in silico computational experiments for (nano-)material…

a green sheet
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Temperature increase on folded solar sail membranes

P. Seefeldt, B. Dachwald

Advances in Space Research (2021) 67 (9), 2688-2695

All currently considered solar sail designs require the deployment of a thin reflective membrane. This membrane is stowed using some folding technique and sometimes coiled onto a…

MAPEX Research Highlights|

Efficient Thin Polymer Coating as a Selective Thermal Emitter for Passive Daytime Radiative Cooling

Udayan Banik, Ashutosh Agrawal, Hosni Meddeb, Oleg Sergeev, Nies Reininghaus, Maximilian Götz-Köhler, Kai Gehrke, Jonas Stührenberg, Martin Vehse, Maciej Sznajder and Carsten Agert

American Chemical Society (2021) 13 (20), 24130-24137

a white big dome and solar panels
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Crew self-organization and group-living habits during three autonomous, long-duration Mars analog missions

C. Heinicke, L. Poulet, J. Dunn, A. Meier

Acta Astronautica (2021) 182, 160-178.

Analog environments for simulating aspects of spaceflight are being utilized for studying the psychological effects of the projected journey to Mars. In 2016, a series…

MAPEX Research Highlights|

Particle-oriented peening as method to investigate the material dependent deformation behaviour

Nicole Wielki, Heike Sonnenberg, Daniel Meyer, Brigitte Clausen

Journal of Materials Processing Technology (2021) 289, 116960.

The material and its microstructure define the behaviour of a part in a deformation process. A single particle…

MAPEX Research Highlights|

A Low-Pressure, N2/CO2 Atmosphere Is Suitable for Cyanobacterium-Based Life-Support Systems on Mars

Cyprien Verseux, Christiane Heinicke, Tiago P. Ramalho, Jonathan Determann, Malte Duckhorn, Michael Smagin, Marc Avila

Front. Microbiol. (2021).

doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2021.611798

Press release ZARM

ZDF Heute feature

The leading space agencies aim for crewed missions to Mars in the coming decades.…

MAPEX Research Highlights|

High-Throughput Screening of Synergistic Transition Metal Dual-Atom Catalysts for Efficient Nitrogen Fixation

Xingshuai Lv, Wei Wei, Baibiao Huang, Ying Dai and Thomas Frauenheim

Nano Letters (2021) 21, 1871-1878

© 2021 American Chemical Society,

MAPEX Research Highlights|

Electron-Induced Processing of Methanol Ice

Fabian Schmidt, Petra Swiderek and Jan H. Bredehöft

ACS Earth Space Chem. (2021) 5, 391-408

More hot articles on electron-induced chemistry from the Swiederek group can be found here:…


MAPEX Research Highlights|

Intermolecular conical intersections in molecular aggregates

Antonietta De Sio, Ephraim Sommer, Xuan Trung Nguyen, Lynn Groß, Duško Popović, Benjamin Tyler Nebgen, Sebastian Fernandez-Alberti, Stefano Pittalis, Carlo Andrea Rozzi, Elisa Molinari, Elena Mena-Osteritz, Peter Bäuerle, Thomas Frauenheim, Sergei Tretiak & Christoph Lienau

Nat. Nanotechnol.

MAPEX Research Highlights|

Towards automation of wind energy rotor blade production: a review of challenges and application examples

Jan-Hendrik Ohlendorf, Marvin Richrath, Jan Franke, Michael Brink, Klaus-Dieter Thoben


doi: 10.1080/20550340.2020.1838224

Current wind turbine rotor blades have a significant impact on the cost of the turbine, which is mainly a…

MAPEX Research Highlights|

Deconfinement of Mott localized electrons into topological and spin–orbit-coupled Dirac fermions

José M. Pizarro, Severino Adler, Karim Zantout, Thomas Mertz, Paolo Barone, Roser Valentí, Giorgio Sangiovanni, Tim O. Wehling

npj Quantum Materials (2020) 5, Article number: 79

doi: 10.1038/s41535-020-00277-3

The interplay of electronic correlations, spin–orbit coupling and topology holds…

Figure from paper
MAPEX Research Highlights|

Influence of plasmon excitations on atomic-resolution quantitative 4D scanning transmission electron microscopy

A. Beyer, F.F. Krause, H.L. Robert, S. Firoozabadi, T. Grieb, P. Kükelhan, D. Heimes, M. Schowalter, K. Müller-Caspary, A. Rosenauer, K. Volz

Scientific Reports (2020) 10 (1), art. no. 17890

doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-74434-w

Scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) allows to gain…

Figure from paper
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Controlled Laser-Thinning of MoS2Nanolayers and Transformation to Amorphous MoOxfor 2D Monolayer Fabrication

C. Tessarek, O. Gridenco, M. Wiesing, J. Müssener, S. Figge, K. Sebald, J. Gutowski, M. Eickhoff

ACS Applied Nano Materials (2020) 3 (8), 7490-7498.


MAPEX Research Highlights|

Wet-spinning of magneto-responsivehelical chitosan microfibers

Dorothea Brüggemann, Johanna Michel, Naiana Suter, Matheus Grande de Aguiar, Michael Maas

Beilstein J. Nanotechnology (2020) 11, 991–999.


Helical structures can be found in nature at various length scales ranging from the molecular level to the macroscale. Due to…

Simulation eines turbulenten Blutstroms
MAPEX Research Highlights|

Nonlinear hydrodynamic instability and turbulence in pulsatile flow

Duo Xu, Atul Varshney, Xingyu Ma, Baofang Song, Michael Riedl, Marc Avila, Björn Hof

PNAS (2020) 117, 11233-11239

Pulsating flows through tubular geometries are laminar provided that velocities are moderate. This in particular is also believed to apply to…

Bild Paper
MAPEX Research Highlights|

Strong Macroscale Supercrystalline Structures by 3D Printing Combined with Self‐Assembly of Ceramic Functionalized Nanoparticles

Berta Domènech, Alvin T. L. Tan, Hans Jelitto, Eduardo Zegarra Berodt, Malte Blankenburg, Oliver Focke, Jaclyn Cann, C. Cem Tasan, Lucio Colombi Ciacchi, Martin Müller, Kaline P. Furlan, A. John Hart, Gerold A. Schneider

Advanced Engineering Materials (2020) 22, 2000352…

MAPEX Research Highlights|

Additive manufacturing of heavy rare earth free high-coercivity permanent magnets

Volegov, A.S., Andreev, S.V., Selezneva, N.V., Ryzhikhin, I.A., Kudrevatykh, N.V., Mädler, L., Okulov, I.V.

Acta Materialia (2020) 188, 733-739

Laser based powder bed fusion is a promising manufacturing method that can be used for the fabrication of…

MAPEX Research Highlights|

Simulation-based evaluation of zeolite adsorbents for the removal of emerging contaminants

Michael Fischer

Materials Advances(2020) 1, 86-98

DOI: 10.1039/d0ma00025f

A number of experimental studies have evaluated the potential of hydrophobic high-silica zeolites for the adsorptive removal of emerging organic contaminants, such as pharmaceuticals and personal care products, from water.…

AIMD Simulation
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What Changes on the Inverse Catalyst? Insights from CO Oxidation on Au-Supported Ceria Nanoparticles Using Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics

Yong Li, Shikun Li, Marcus Bäumer, Elena A. Ivanova-Shor, Lyudmila V. Moskaleva

ACS Catalysis (2020) 10, 3164-3174

nsCouette – A high-performance code for direct numerical simulations of turbulent Taylor–Couette flow
MAPEX Research Highlights|

nsCouette – A high-performance code for direct numerical simulations of turbulent Taylor–Couette flow

Jose Manuel Lopez, Daniel Feldmann, Markus Rampp, Alberto Vela-Martin, Liang Shi, Marc Avila

Software X (2020) 11, 100395

We present nsCouette, a highly scalable software tool to solve the Navier–Stokes equations for incompressible fluid flow between…

MAPEX Research Highlights|

Lithium recovery from diluted brine by means of electrochemical ion exchange in a flow-through-electrodes cell

Maria Sofia Palagonia, Doriano Brogioli, Fabio La Mantia

Desalination (2020) 475, 114192

DOI: 10.1016/j.desal.2019.114192

Lithium is becoming an important raw material due to the expansion of the market of lithium-ion batteries, required for electric vehicles and for stationary energy storage.…

Scheme of the applied PFG-STE sequence
MAPEX Research Highlights|

Pore-Scale Analysis of Axial and Radial Dispersion Coefficients of Gas Flow in Macroporous Foam Monoliths Using NMR-based Displacement Measurements

Mojtaba Mirdrikvand, Mehrdad Sadeghi, M. Nurul Karima, Jörg Thöming, Wolfgang Dreher

Chemical Engineering Journal (2020) 388 124234

A micro-scale analysis of mass transport in ceramic foams that are used as catalyst supports in gas phase reactions is of…

Model‐Based Nanoengineered Pharmacokinetics of Iron‐Doped Copper Oxide for Nanomedical Applications
MAPEX Research Highlights|

Model-Based Nanoengineered Pharmacokinetics of Iron-Doped Copper Oxide for Nanomedical Applications

M. Sc. Hendrik Naatz, Dr. Bella B. Manshian, Dr. Carla Rios Luci, Dr. Vasiliki Tsikourkitoudi, Prof. Dr. Yiannis Deligiannakis, Dr. Johannes Birkenstock, Dr. Suman Pokhrel, Prof. Dr. Lutz Mädler, Dr. Stefaan J. Soenen

Angewandte Chemie - International Edition (2020) 59, 1828-1836…

ACS Applied Nano Materials
MAPEX Research Highlights|

Rare-Earth-Doped Y4Al2O9 Nanoparticles for Stable Light-Converting Phosphors

Chenyang Liu, Suman Pokhrel, Christian Tessarek, Haipeng Li, Marco Schowalter, Andreas Rosenauer, Martin Eickhoff, Shuiqing Li, Lutz Mädler

ACS Applied Nano Materials (2020) 3, 699-710.

is(ferrocenyl)phosphenium Ion Revisited
MAPEX Research Highlights|

The Bis(ferrocenyl)phosphenium Ion Revisited

Dr. Marian Olaru, Alexandra Mischin, Lorraine A. Malaspina, Dr. Stefan Mebs, Prof. Dr. Jens Beckmann

Angewandte Chemie- International Edition (2020) 59, Pages 1581-1584

The bis(ferrocenyl)phosphenium ion, [Fc2P]+, reported by Cowley et al. (J. Am. Chem. Soc.…


Advanced Materials
MAPEX Research Highlights|

Beating Thermal Coarsening in Nanoporous Materials via High-Entropy Design

Soo-Hyun Joo,* Jae Wung Bae, Won-Young Park, Yusuke Shimada, Takeshi Wada, Hyoung Seop Kim, Akira Takeuchi, Toyohiko J. Konno, Hidemi Kato,* and Ilya V. Okulov

Advanced Materials (2019) 1906160

Controlling the feature sizes of 3D bicontinuous nanoporous…

Rigid Band Shifts in Two-Dimensional Semiconductors through External Dielectric Screening
MAPEX Research Highlights|

Rigid Band Shifts in Two-Dimensional Semiconductors through External Dielectric Screening

Lutz Waldecker, Archana Raja, Malte Rösner, Christina Steinke, Aaron Bostwick, Roland J. Koch, Chris Jozwiak, Takashi Taniguchi, Kenji Watanabe, Eli Rotenberg, Tim O. Wehling, and Tony F. Heinz

Physical Review Letters (2019) 123, 206403


Coherent Real-Space Charge Transport Across a Donor–Acceptor Interface Mediated by Vibronic Couplings
MAPEX Research Highlights|

Coherent Real-Space Charge Transport across a Donor-Acceptor Interface Mediated by Vibronic Couplings

Ziyao Xu, Yi Zhou, Lynn Groß, Antonietta De Sio, Chi Yung Yam, Christoph Lienau*, Thomas Frauenheim, GuanHua Chen*

Nano Letters (2019) 19(11), pp. 8630-8637

Wafer‐Scale Synthesis of Graphene on Sapphire: Toward Fab‐Compatible Graphene
MAPEX Research Highlights|

Wafer-Scale Synthesis of Graphene on Sapphire: Toward Fab-Compatible Graphene

Neeraj Mishra, Stiven Forti, Filippo Fabbri, Leonardo Martini, Clifford McAleese, Ben R. Conran, Patrick R. Whelan, Abhay Shivayogimath, Bjarke S. Jessen, Lars Buß, Jens Falta, Ilirjan Aliaj, Stefano Roddaro, Jan I. Flege, Peter Bøggild, Kenneth B. K. Teo, Camilla Coletti

Small (2019), Volume 15,…

21.10.2019 Fast and Accurate Quantum Crystallography: From Small to Large, from Light to Heavy
MAPEX Research Highlights|

Fast and Accurate Quantum Crystallography: From Small to Large, from Light to Heavy

Lorraine A. Malaspina, Erna K. Wieduwilt, Justin Bergmann, Florian Kleemiss, Benjamin Meyer, Manuel F. Ruiz-López, Rumpa Pal, Emanuel Hupf, Jens Beckmann, Ross O. Piltz, Alison J. Edwards, Simon Grabowsky, Alessandro Genoni

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (2019), Volume 10, Issue 22, 21…

2019 American Chemical Society
MAPEX Research Highlights|

Controlling the Multiscale Structure of Nanofibrous Fibrinogen Scaffolds for Wound Healing

Stapelfeldt, K., Stamboroski, S., Walter, I., Suter, N., Kowalik, T., Michaelis, M., Brüggemann, D.

Nano letters (2019) 19 (9) , pp. 6554-6563.

The corresponding press release and TV contribution can be found here:…

Acta Crystallographica
MAPEX Research Highlights|

Relativistic quantum crystallography of diphenyl- And dicyanomercury. Theoretical structure factors and Hirshfeld atom refinement

Bučinský, L., Jayatilaka, D., Grabowsky, S.

Acta Crystallographica Section A: Foundations and Advances (2019) 75, pp. 705-717.

Quantum crystallographic refinement of heavy-element-containing compounds is a challenge, because many physical effects have to…

Advanced Materials
MAPEX Research Highlights|

Living Materials Herald a New Era in Soft Robotics

Appiah, C., Arndt, C., Siemsen, K., Heitmann A., Staubitz A., Selhuber‐Unkel C.

Advanced Materials (2019) 1807747

Living beings have an unsurpassed range of ways to manipulate objects and interact with them. They can make autonomous decisions and can heal…

pic of paper
MAPEX Research Highlights|

Supervised non-negative matrix factorization methods for MALDI imaging applications

Leuschner, J., Schmidt, M., Fernsel, P., Lachmund, D., Boskamp, T., Maass, P.

Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) (2019) 35 (11), pp.1940-1947

MOTIVATION: Non-negative matrix factorization (NMF) is a common tool for obtaining low-rank approximations…

layer and layer
MAPEX Research Highlights|

Layer-by-Layer Resistive Switching: Multistate Functionality due to Electric-Field-Induced Healing of Dead Layers

Krisponeit, J.-O., Damaschke, B., Moshnyaga, V., Samwer, K.

Physical Review Letters (2019) 122 (13)

Materials exhibiting reversible resistive switching in electrical fields are highly demanded for functional elements in oxide electronics. In…

research highlight
MAPEX Research Highlights|

Quantum-Dot-Like States in Molybdenum Disulfide Nanostructures Due to the Interplay of Local Surface Wrinkling, Strain, and Dielectric Confinement

Carmesin, C., Lorke, M., Florian, M., Erben, D., Schulz, A., WehlingT. O., Jahnke, F.

Nano Letters (2019) 19, 5,3182-3186

mixed copper
MAPEX Research Highlights|

Mixed copper-zinc hexacyanoferrates as cathode materials for aqueous zinc-ion batteries

Kasiri, G., Glenneberg, J., Bani Hashemi, A., Kun, R., La Mantia, F.

Energy Storage Materials (2019),19, 360-369

Aqueous rechargeable metal-ion batteries have become potentially advantageous for the integration of renewable energy sources into the…

The Floppiness of It All
MAPEX Research Highlights|

The Floppiness of It All: Bond Lengths Change with Atomic Displacement Parameters and the Flexibility of Various Coordination Tetrahedra in Zeolitic Frameworks. An Empirical Structural Study of Bond Lengths and Angles

Baur, W.H., Fischer, R.X.

Chemistry of Materials (2019) 31 (7), 2401-2420.

MAPEX Research Highlights|

Investigations on morphological and electrochemical changes of all-solid-state thin film battery cells under dynamic mechanical stress conditions

Glenneberg, J., Kasiri, G., Bardenhagen, I.,  Mantia, F. La., Busse, M., Kun, R.

Nano Energy (2019) 57, 549-557.

To design and manufacture high-performance energy storage devices with real mechanical flexibility is one of the main advantages of the…

new approach
MAPEX Research Highlights|

New approach to evaluate 3D laser printed parts in powder bed fusion-based additive manufacturing in-line within closed space

Kalms, M., Narita, R., Thomy, C., Vollertsen, F., Bergmann, R.B.

Additive Manufacturing (2019) 26,161-165.

Additive manufacturing that allows layer by layer shaping of complex structures is of rapidly increasing interest in production technology. A…

mapex Research highlight
MAPEX Research Highlights|

Pseudodoping of a metallic two-dimensional material by the supporting substrate

Shao, B., Eich, A., Sanders, C., Ngankeu, A. S., Bianchi, M., Hofmann, P.,  Khajetoorians, A. A., WehlingT.

Nature Communications (2019) 10, Article Number 180.

Charge transfers resulting from weak bondings between two-dimensional materials and the…

MAPEX Research Highlights|

Prospects and Limitations of Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Laser Gain Materials

Lohof, F., Steinhoff, A., Florian, M., Lorke, M., Erben, D., Jahnke, F., Gies, C.

Nano Letters (2019) 19 (1), 210-217.


Hazard assessment
MAPEX Research Highlights|

Hazard assessment of quinaldine-, alkylcarbazole-, benzene- and toluene-based liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHCs) systems

Markiewicz, M., Zhang, Y.-Q., Empl, M.T., Lykaki, M., Thöming, J., Steinberg, P., Stolte, S.

Energy and Environmental Science (2019) 12 (1), 366-383.

Due to the finite nature and scarcity of crude oil-based fuels, increasing attention is being directed towards…

Mitteilung Nr.: 064 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

Ligand-functionalized Pt nanoparticles as asymmetric heterogeneous catalysts: molecular reaction control by ligand–reactant interactions

A. Šulce, J. Backenköhler, I. Schrader, M. Delle Piane, C. Müller, A. Wark, L.Colombi Ciacchi, V. Azov, S. Kunz

Catalysis Science & Technology (2018), 8, 6062 - 6075.

The asymmetric hydrogenation of β-keto esters over platinum nanoparticles (NPs)…

Mitteilung Nr.: 063 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

Structural and Computational Assessment of the Influence of Wet-Chemical Post-Processing of the Al-Substituted Cubic Li7La3Zr2O12

Kun, R., Langer, F., Delle Piane, M., Ohno, S., Zeier, W.G., Gockeln, M., Colombi Ciacchi, L., Busse, M., Fekete, I.

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (2018) , . Article in Press.

Li7La3Zr2O12 (LLZO) and related compounds are considered as…

Mitteilung Nr.: 062 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

Tuning the Optoelectronic Properties of Stannoles by the Judicious Choice of the Organic Substituents

 R. Y. Medina, I.-M., Rohdenburg, M., Mostaghimi, F., Grabowsky, S., Swiderek, P., Beckmann, J., Hoffmann, J., Dorcet, V., Hissler, M., Staubitz, A.

Inorganic Chemistry (2018), 57 (20), pp 12562–12575.

Stannoles are organometallic rings in which…

research highlight
Mitteilung Nr.: 60 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

Al(OCArF3)3 – a thermally stable Lewis superacid

Authors:J.F. Kögel,  A. Y. Timoshkin, A. Schröder, E. Lorka, J. Beckmann

Journal:Chemical Science (2018), 9, 8178-8183.

The adduct free Lewis superacid Al(OCArF3)3 was obtained by the reaction of ArF3COH with AlEt3 and fully characterized (ArF = C6F5). It…

Materialien für die Photonik von morgen
Mitteilung Nr.: 059 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

Biexciton fine structure in monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides

A. Steinhoff, M. Florian, A. Singh, K. Tran, M. Kolarczik, S. Helmrich, A. W. Achtstein, U. Woggon, N. Owschimikow, F. Jahnke & X. Li 

Nature Physics (2018)

The optical properties of atomically thin transition metal dichalcogenide (TMDC) semiconductors…

Mitteilung Nr.: 058 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

Visible-Light Photocatalysis with Mullite-Type Bi2(Al1–xFex)4O9: Striking the Balance between Bandgap Narrowing and Conduction Band Lowering

M. Curti , A. Kirsch, L. I. Granone∥ , F. Tarasi, G. López-Robledo, D. W. Bahnemann∥ , M. M. Murshed, T.M. Gesing , C. B. Mendive

ACC Catalysis (2018) 8, 8844-8855.

The rich crystal chemistry of mullite-type Bi2M4O9 (M = Fe, Al, Ga) offers multiple…

Mitteilung Nr.: 057 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

Bridging the scales in high- throughput dielectrophoretic (bio-) particle separation in porous media

G.R. Pesch, M. Lorenz, S. Sachde, S. Salameh, F. Du, M. Baune, P. E. Boukany & J. Thöming

Scientific Reports (2018) 8:10480

Dielectrophoresis (DEP) is a versatile technique for the solution of difficult (bio-)particle separation tasks based on size and…

Mitteilung Nr.: 056 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

Flame aerosol deposited Li4Ti5O12 layers for flexible, thin film all-solid-state Li-ion batteries

M. Gockeln, J. Glenneberg, M. Busse, S. Pokhrel, L. Mädler, R. Kun 

Nano Energy (2018) 49, 564-573.

Flexible thin film all-solid-state Li-ion batteries are considered as promising candidates to power a multitude of flexible and miniaturized electronic…

New Model for Predicting Adsorption of Polar Molecules in Metal–Organic Frameworks with Unsaturated Metal Sites
Mitteilung Nr.: 055 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

New Model for Predicting Adsorption of Polar Molecules in Metal–Organic Frameworks with Unsaturated Metal Sites

C. Campbell, J. R. B. Gomes , M. Fischer, M. Jorge

J. Phys. Chem. Lett., (2018) 9 ,3544–3553.

Conventional molecular models fail to correctly describe interactions of adsorbates with coordinatively unsaturated sites (CUS) present in a large number of…

Mitteilung Nr.: 054 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

Generation of High‐Molecular‐Weight Polymers with Diverse Substituents: An Unusual Metal‐Free Synthesis of Poly(aminoborane)s

A. Staubitz

Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2018) 57, 5990-5992.

A new concept has been introduced for the preparation of high‐molecular‐weight poly(aminoborane)s with diverse substituents on the nitrogen atom. Whereas previous methods were…

Mitteilung Nr.: 053 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

Investigation of the temperature dependent impact behaviour of pin reinforced foam core sandwich structures

M. A. Dimassi, M. John, A. S.Herrmann

Composite Structures (2018) 198, in press.

Dry carbon and glass fibre bundles were inserted into a ROHACELL® 71HERO Polymethacrylimide (PMI) foam core under a specific inclination angle and pin pattern in order…

Mitteilung Nr.: 052 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

The Dielectric Impact of Layer Distances on Exciton and Trion Binding Energies in van der Waals Heterostructures

M. Florian, M. Hartmann, A. Steinhoff, J. Klein , A.W. Holleitner , J. J. Finley, T. O. Wehling, M. Kaniber, C. Gies

Nano letters (2018) 18(4), 2725–2732.

The electronic and optical properties of monolayer transition-metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) and van…

research highlight
Mitteilung Nr.: 051 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

A Monoaryllead Trichloride That Resists Reductive Elimination

M. Olaru, R. Kather, E.Hupf, E.Lork, S.Mebs, J. Beckmann

Journal: Angewandte Chemie (2018) 57, 5917-5920 .

Transmetallation of Pb(OAc)4 with R2Hg (1), followed by treatment with HCl in Et2O, provided RPbCl3 (2), the first kinetically stabilized…

Mitteilung Nr.: 050 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

A quantum optical study of thresholdless lasing features in high-β nitride nanobeam cavities

Stefan T. Jagsch, Noelia Vico Triviño, Frederik Lohof, Gordon Callsen, Stefan Kalinowski, Ian M. Rousseau, Roy Barzel, Jean-François Carlin, Frank Jahnke, Raphaël Butté, Christopher Gies, Axel Hoffmann, Nicolas Grandjean and Stephan Reitzenstein.

Nature Communications(2018) 9, article number: 564.

Mitteilung Nr.: 049 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

Pulsating dissolution of crystalline matter

C. Fischer, A. Luttge

Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America (2018) 115, 5 Pages 897-902.

Fluid–solid reactions result in material flux from or to the solid surface. The prediction of the flux, its variations, and…

Mitteilung Nr.: 048 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

Destabilizing turbulence in pipe flow

J. Kühnen, B. Song, D. Scarselli, N. Burak Budanur, M. Riedl, A. P. Willis, M. Avila, B. Hof

Nature Physics (2018) 14, 386-390.

Turbulence is the major cause of friction losses in transport processes and it is responsible for a drastic drag increase in…

Mitteilung Nr.: 047 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

Long-term storage of droplets on a chip by Parylene AF4 coating of channels

Mahmuda Akhtar, Sander van den Driesche, André Bödecker and Michael J. Vellekoop.

Sensors and Actuators B (2018) 255, 3576–3584.

We present a PDMS-based microfluidic device that allows long-term on-chip droplets storage. The droplets are used as…

Mitteilung Nr.: 046 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

Fabrication and performance of Li4Ti5O12/C Li-ion battery electrodes using combined double flame spray pyrolysis and pressure-based lamination technique

Authors:M. Gockeln, S. Pokhrel, F. Meierhofer, J. Glenneberg, M. Schowalter, A. Rosenauer, U. Fritsching, M. Busse, L. Mädler, R. Kun

Journal of Power Sources (2018) 374, 97-106.

Reduction of lithium-ion battery (LIB) production costs is inevitable…


Mitteilung Nr.: 045 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

Exciton fission in monolayer transition metal dichalcogenide semiconductors

A. Steinhoff, M. Florian, M. Rösner, G. Schönhoff, T.O. Wehling and F. Jahnke.

Nature Communications (2017) 8, 1166.

When electron-hole pairs are excited in a semiconductor, it is a priori not clear if they form a plasma of unbound fermionic particles…

Mitteilung Nr.: 044 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

MICROSCOPE Mission: First Results of a Space Test of the Equivalence Principle

Pierre Touboul, Gilles Métris, Manuel Rodrigues, Yves André, Quentin Baghi, Joël Bergé, Damien Boulanger, Stefanie Bremer, Patrice Carle, Ratana Chhun, Bruno Christophe, Valerio Cipolla, Thibault Damour, Pascale Danto, Hansjoerg Dittus, Pierre Fayet, Bernard Foulon, Claude Gageant, Pierre-Yves…

Mitteilung Nr.: 043 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

Quantitative determination of residual silver distribution in nanoporous gold and its influence on structure and catalytic performance

Christoph Mahr, Paromita Kundu, Anastasia Lackmann, Daniele Zanaga, Karsten Thiel, Marco Schowalter, Martin Schwan, Sara Bals, Arne Wittstock and Andreas Rosenauer.

Journal of Catalysis (2017) 352, 52–58.

Large efforts have been made trying to understand…

Mitteilung Nr.: 042 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

Microbial-based metalworking fluids in milling operations

Daniel Meyer, Marvin Redetzky and Ekkard Brinksmeier.

CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology (2017) 66, 129–132.

Most commercial metalworking fluids (MWFs), as applied in cutting operations contain mineral-oil. Colonization of water-based MWFs…

Mitteilung Nr.: 041 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

A comparative study of alcohol oxidation over nanoporous gold in gas and liquid phase

Anastasia Lackmann, Christoph Mahr, Marco Schowalter, Lisa Fitzek, Jörg Weissmüller, Andreas Rosenauer and Arne Wittstock.

Journal of Catalysis (2017) 353, 99–106.

The aerobic oxidation of methanol and ethanol in liquid phase is investigated using…

Mitteilung Nr.: 040 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

Structural and spectroscopic comparison between polycrystalline, nanocrystalline and quantum dot visible light photo-catalyst Bi2WO6

Michael Teck, M. Mangir Murshed, Marco Schowalter, Niels Lefeld, Henrike K. Grossmann, Tim Grieb, Thomas Hartmann, Lars Robben, Andreas Rosenauer, Lutz Mädler and Thorsten M. Gesing.

Journal of Solid State Chemistry (2017) 254, 82–89.

The structural…

Mitteilung Nr.: 039 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

The cubic-to-hexagonal phase transition of cerium oxide particles: dynamics and structure

Jan Höcker, Jon-Olaf Krisponeit, Thomas Schmidt, Jens Falta and Jan Ingo Flege.

Nanoscale (2017) 9, 9352-9358

Cerium oxide is often applied in today's catalysts due to its remarkable oxygen storage capacity. The changes in stoichiometry during reaction are…

Mitteilung Nr.: 038 | MAPEX Research Highlights|

Insight into the Mechanism of Reversible Ring-Opening of 1,3‑Benzoxazine with Thiols

Tobias Urbaniak, Marc Soto, Manuel Liebeke and Katharina Koschek.

Journal of Organic Chemistry (2017) 82, 4050−4055.

The reversible ring-opening addition and fragmentation reaction of p-cresol-based N-phenylbenzoxazine with aliphatic and aromatic thiols…

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