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New approach to evaluate 3D laser printed parts in powder bed fusion-based additive manufacturing in-line within closed space

Kalms, M., Narita, R., Thomy, C., Vollertsen, F., Bergmann, R.B.

Additive Manufacturing (2019) 26,161-165.

Additive manufacturing that allows layer by layer shaping of complex structures is of rapidly increasing interest in production technology. A particularly rapid prototyping technique of additive manufacturing is laser beam melting (LBM). This 3D printing method is based on a powder bed fusion technique, using a high-powered laser to melt and consolidate metallic powders. The process needs a tightly controlled atmosphere of inert gas, which requires a confined space of a building chamber. This and more process related factors like elevated temperatures, laser radiation or the resulting light intensity caused by the melting of metals, make a closed-loop quality control very ambitious. In this paper, we propose a new in-process approach for quality control with high precision metrology based on structured light. The precise layer by layer dimensional measurement of both the printed part and the powder deposition, allows for process assessment in- or off-line.

new approach
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