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Quantum-Dot-Like States in Molybdenum Disulfide Nanostructures Due to the Interplay of Local Surface Wrinkling, Strain, and Dielectric Confinement

Carmesin, C., Lorke, M., Florian, M., Erben, D., Schulz, A., WehlingT. O., Jahnke, F.

Nano Letters (2019) 19, 5,3182-3186


The observation of quantum light emission from atomically thin transition metal dichalcogenides has opened a new field of applications for these material systems. The corresponding excited charge-carrier localization has been linked to defects and strain, while open questions remain regarding the microscopic origin. We demonstrate that the bending rigidity of these materials leads to wrinkling of the two-dimensional layer. The resulting strain field facilitates strong carrier localization due to its pronounced influence on the band gap. Additionally, we consider charge carrier confinement due to local changes of the dielectric environment and show that both effects contribute to modified electronic states and optical properties. The interplay of surface wrinkling, strain-induced confinement, and local changes of the dielectric environment is demonstrated for the example of nanobubbles that form when monolayers are deposited on substrates or other two-dimensional materials.

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