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A Monoaryllead Trichloride That Resists Reductive Elimination

M. Olaru, R. Kather, E.Hupf, E.Lork, S.Mebs, J. Beckmann

Journal: Angewandte Chemie (2018) 57, 5917-5920 .

Transmetallation of Pb(OAc)4 with R2Hg (1), followed by treatment with HCl in Et2O, provided RPbCl3 (2), the first kinetically stabilized monoorganolead trihalide that resists reductive elimination under ambient conditions. The kinetic stabilisation relies on an intramolecularly coordinating O‐donor substituent (R=6‐Ph2P(O)‐Ace‐5‐). The gram‐scale preparation of 2 was key for the synthesis of unsymmetrically substituted diaryllead dichlorides RR′PbCl2 (3 a, R′=Ph; 3 b, R′=4‐MeOC6H4; 3 c, R′=4‐Me2NC6H4).

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