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PMD Core Ontology: Achieving semantic interoperability in materials science

Bayerlein Bernd; Schilling Markus; Birkholz Henk; Jung Matthias; Waitelonis Jörg; Mädler Lutz; Sack Harald

Materials and Design  237 (2024): 112603


Knowledge representation in the Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) domain is a vast and multi-faceted challenge: Overlap, ambiguity, and inconsistency in terminology are common. Invariant (consistent) and variant (context-specific) knowledge are difficult to align cross-domain. Generic top-level semantic terminology often is too abstract, while MSE domain terminology often is too specific. In this paper, an approach how to maintain a comprehensive MSE-centric terminology composing a mid-level ontology–the Platform MaterialDigital Core Ontology (PMDco)–via MSE community-based curation procedures is presented. The illustrated findings show how the PMDco bridges semantic gaps between high-level, MSE-specific, and other science domain semantics. Additionally, it demonstrates how the PMDco lowers development and integration thresholds. Moreover, the research highlights how to fuel it with real-world data sources ranging from manually conducted experiments and simulations with continuously automated industrial applications.

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