New MAPEX Postcard - 30

From immobile to massless: How the correct stacking of two atomically thin TaS2 layers releases electrons from an insulator.

Pizarro et al., npj Quantum materials 5, art. No. 79 (2020).

associated with MAPEX Research Highlight 11-2020:

Deconfinement of Mott localized electrons into topological and spin–orbit-coupled Dirac fermions


Pizarro, J. M., Adler, S., Zantout, K., Mertz, T., Barone, P., Valentí, R., Sangiovanni, G., Wehling, T. O.


npj Quantum materials (2020) 5, art. No. 79.

Blaue und rote Sterne, die jeweils im Mittelpunkt in einem Kreis mit Linien verbunden sind.
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