New MAPEX Postcard - 4

Atomic structures of Fe nad Fe-hydrogen complexes adsorbed on a Pt(111) surface (heights of Fe, FeH and FeH2: 110, 190, and 200 pm).

Khajetoorians et al., Nature Nanotechnology 10, 958-964 (2015)


associated with MAPEX Research Highlight 09-2015:

Nature Nanotechnology: Tuning emergent magnetism in a Hund's impurity


A. A. Khajetoorians, M. Valentyuk, M. Steinbrecher, T. Schlenk, A. Shick, J. Kolorenc, A. I. Lichtenstein, T. O. Wehling, R. Wiesendanger and J. Wiebe.


Nature Nanotechnology (2015) 10, 958–964.


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