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Equipping an extraterrestrial laboratory: Overview of open research questions and recommended instrumentation for the Moon

Christiane Heinicke, Solmaz Adeli, Mickael Baqué, Giuseppe Correale, Miranda Fateri, Steven Jaret, Nina Kopacz, Jens Ormö, Lucie Poulet, Cyprien Verseux

Advances in Space Research (2021) 68 (6), 2565-2599

© 2021 COSPAR. Published by Elsevier B.V., https:/…

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Separating microparticles by material and size using dielectrophoretic chromatography with frequency modulation

Jasper Giesler, Laura Weirauch, Jorg Thöming, Michael Baune & Georg R. Pesch 

Scientific Reports (2021) 11, 16861

Separation of (biological) particles (≪10 μm≪10 μm) according to size or other properties is an ongoing challenge in a variety of technical…

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Cationic Carbene Analogues: Donor-Free Phosphenium and Arsenium Ions

Dr. Marian Olaru, Dr. Stefan Mebs, Prof. Dr. Jens Beckmann

Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2021) 60, 19133-19138

Carbenes and their analogues have constantly enthralled chemists with their intriguing reactivity of ambiphilic character stemming from…

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A modeling approach for unveiling adsorption of toxic ions on iron oxide nanocrystals

Inna Kurganskaya, Nabeel Khan Niazi, Andreas Luttge

Journal of Hazardous Materials (2021) 417, 5

The era of advanced computer simulations in materials science enables a great potential to design in silico computational experiments for (nano-)material…

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Temperature increase on folded solar sail membranes

P. Seefeldt, B. Dachwald

Advances in Space Research (2021) 67 (9), 2688-2695

All currently considered solar sail designs require the deployment of a thin reflective membrane. This membrane is stowed using some folding technique and sometimes coiled onto a…

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Efficient Thin Polymer Coating as a Selective Thermal Emitter for Passive Daytime Radiative Cooling

Udayan Banik, Ashutosh Agrawal, Hosni Meddeb, Oleg Sergeev, Nies Reininghaus, Maximilian Götz-Köhler, Kai Gehrke, Jonas Stührenberg, Martin Vehse, Maciej Sznajder and Carsten Agert

American Chemical Society (2021) 13 (20), 24130-24137

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Crew self-organization and group-living habits during three autonomous, long-duration Mars analog missions

C. Heinicke, L. Poulet, J. Dunn, A. Meier

Acta Astronautica (2021) 182, 160-178.

Analog environments for simulating aspects of spaceflight are being utilized for studying the psychological effects of the projected journey to Mars. In 2016, a series…

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Particle-oriented peening as method to investigate the material dependent deformation behaviour

Nicole Wielki, Heike Sonnenberg, Daniel Meyer, Brigitte Clausen

Journal of Materials Processing Technology (2021) 289, 116960.

The material and its microstructure define the behaviour of a part in a deformation process. A single particle…

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A Low-Pressure, N2/CO2 Atmosphere Is Suitable for Cyanobacterium-Based Life-Support Systems on Mars

Cyprien Verseux, Christiane Heinicke, Tiago P. Ramalho, Jonathan Determann, Malte Duckhorn, Michael Smagin, Marc Avila

Front. Microbiol. (2021).

doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2021.611798

Press release ZARM

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The leading space agencies aim for crewed missions to Mars in the coming decades.…

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High-Throughput Screening of Synergistic Transition Metal Dual-Atom Catalysts for Efficient Nitrogen Fixation

Xingshuai Lv, Wei Wei, Baibiao Huang, Ying Dai and Thomas Frauenheim

Nano Letters (2021) 21, 1871-1878

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Electron-Induced Processing of Methanol Ice

Fabian Schmidt, Petra Swiderek and Jan H. Bredehöft

ACS Earth Space Chem. (2021) 5, 391-408

More hot articles on electron-induced chemistry from the Swiederek group can be found here:…

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