Some current projects

  • Equatorial quasi-geostrophic balances, dissipaton and nonlinear waves. Within DFG SFB TRR 181 area M2.
  • Non-linear dynamics and parameter identification. Within DFG RTG 2224 area R2.
  • Ergodic theory of nonlinear waves in discrete and continuous excitable media, funded by DFG (previously by Uni Bremen bridge stipend)
  • Patterns in spintronic device models: Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert-Slonzcewsky equations, within Uni Bremen group funding
  • Pattern formation in anomlaous diffusion models, stipend funded by Chinese Research council
  • FORMAT: new teaching formats in undergraduate curriculum, funded by Uni Bremen within ForstA program

Some former projects

  • Stability boundaries for wavetrains. Within NDNS+ cluster of Dutch NWO.
  • Critical transitions and early-warning signals in spatial ecosystems. Within Complexity program of Dutch NWO.
  • Integrated Edge Localized Mode and H-mode modelling and stability analysis for fusion reactors. Within FP120 program of Dutch STW.