Georg Pesch at TU Delft for a one-year postdoc

In the group of Dr. Pouyan Boukany at the Chemical Engineering Department of the Delft University of Technology, Georg researches the possibility to separate cancer cells from healthy PBMC using dielectrophoretical filtration.

Methods to detect circulating cancer cells in blood samples are important in the development of early cancer detection systems and to be able to assess the effectiveness of certain treatment methods. Currently, most detection methods rely on expression of specific surface markers of the target cancer cells and thus not universally applicable. Dielectrophoresis offers the possibility of marker-free isolation but requires further research in order to meet the required throughput.

Georg is in Delft on DFG Research Fellowship at the Department of Chemical Engineering in the Group of Pouyan Boukany.

Arbeitsgruppe von Dr. Pouyan Boukany
Boukany group at Delft University of Technology