Research Highlights 2016

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Observation of a hybrid state of Tamm plasmons and microcavity exciton polaritons

SK. Shaid-Ur Rahman, Thorsten Klein, Sebastian Klembt, Jürgen Gutowski, Detlef Hommel and Kathrin Sebald.

Scientific Reports (2016) 6, Article number 34392

We present evidence for the existence of a hybrid state of Tamm plasmons and microcavity exciton…

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Repetitive Dosing of Fumed Silica Leads to Profibrogenic Effects through Unique Structure−Activity Relationships and Biopersistence in the Lung

Bingbing Sun, Xiang Wang, Yu-Pei Liao, Zhaoxia Ji, Chong Hyun Chang, Suman Pokhrel, Justine Ku, Xiangsheng Liu, Meiying Wang, Darren R. Dunphy, Ruibin Li, Huan Meng, Lutz Mädler, C. Jeffrey Brinker, André E. Nel, and Tian Xia.

ACS Nano (2016) 10, 8054-8066…

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Self-Assembly and Shape Control of Hybrid Nanocarriers Based on Calcium Carbonate and Carbon Nanodots

Victor Lauth, Brigitta Loretz, Claus-Michael Lehr, Michael Maas, Kurosch Rezwan.

Chemistry of Materials (2016) 28, 3796-3803

We describe a platform for the synthesis of functional hybrid nanoparticles in the submicrometer range with…

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Directed percolation phase transition to sustained turbulence in Couette flow

Grégoire Lemoult, Liang Shi, Kerstin Avila, Shreyas V. Jalikop, Marc Avila and Björn Hof.

Nature Physics (2016) 12, 254-258

Turbulence is one of the most frequently encountered nonequilibriumphenomena in nature, yet characterizing thetransition that gives rise…

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A concept for direct deposition of thin film batteries on flexible polymer substrate

Jens Glenneberg, Felix Andre, Ingo Bardenhagen, Frederieke Langer, Julian Schwenzel, Robert Kun.

Journal of Power Sources (2016) 324, 722-728.

In this paper, the preparation and characteristics of all-solid-state thin film batteries (TFB) are…

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Hydrogen atoms can be located accurately and precisely by x-ray crystallography

Magdalena Woinska, Simon Grabowsky, Paulina M. Dominiak, Krzysztof Wozniak, Dylan Jayatilaka.

Science Advances (2016) 2, e1600192

Precise and accurate structural information on hydrogen atoms is crucial to the study of energies of interactions important…

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Novel Excitonic Solar Cells in Phosphorene-TiO2 Heterostructures with Extraordinary Charge Separation Efficiency

Liujiang Zhou, Jin Zhang, Zhiwen Zhuo, Liangzhi Kou, Wei Ma, Bin Shao, Aijun Du, Sheng Meng, and Thomas Frauenheim.

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (2016) 7, 1880-1887

Constructing van der Waals heterostructures is an efficient…

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Giant photon bunching, superradiant pulse emission and excitation trapping in quantum-dot nanolasers

Frank Jahnke, Christopher Gies, Marc Assmann, Manfred Bayer, H.A.M. Leymann, Alexander Foerster,  Jan Wiersig, Christian Schneider, MartinKamp, Sven Hoefling.

Nature Communications (2016) 7, 11540

Light is often characterized only by its classical…

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Growth and characterization of epitaxially stabilized ceria(001) nanostructures on Ru(0001)

Jan Ingo Flege, Jan Höcker, Björn Kaemena, T. Onur Mentes, Alessandro Sala, Andrea Locatelli, Subhashis Gangopadhyay, Jerzy T. Sadowski, Sanjaya D. Senanayake and Jens Falta.

Nanoscale (2016) 8, 10849-10856.


We have studied (001) surface terminated cerium oxide…

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Decrease of the required dopant concentration for δ-Bi2O3 crystal stabilization through thermal quenching during single-step flame spray pyrolysis

Jochen A. H. Dreyer, Suman Pokhrel, Johannes Birkenstock, Miguel G. Hevia, Marco Schowalter, Andreas Rosenauer, Atsushi Urakawa, Wey Yang Teoh and Lutz Mädler.  

CrystEngComm(2016) 18, 2046-2056.


δ-Bi2O3 is one of the best oxygen ion conductors known. However, due to its…

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Controlling Heteroepitaxy by Oxygen Chemical Potential: Exclusive Growth of (100) Oriented Ceria Nanostructures on Cu(111)

Jan Höcker, Tomáš Duchoň, Kateřina Veltruská, Vladimír Matolín, Jens Falta, Sanjaya D. Senanayake and J. Ingo Flege.

The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2016) 120, 4895−4901.


A novel and simple method is presented for the preparationof a well-defined CeO2(100)…

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Hierarchical Porous Zeolite Structures for Pressure Swing Adsorption Applications

Benjamin Besser, Henrique Akira Tajiri, Gerd Mikolajczyk, Jens Moellmer, Thomas C. Schumacher, Stefan Odenbach, Roger Glaeser, Stephen Kroll and Kurosch Rezwan.

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2016) 8, 3277-3286.


Porous adsorbents with hierarchical structured…

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Two-Dimensional Heterojunctions from Nonlocal Manipulations of the Interactions

M. Rösner, C. Steinke, M. Lorke, C. Gies, F. Jahnke, and T. O. Wehling.

Nano Letters (2016) 16, 2322-2327

We propose to create lateral heterojunctions in twodimensionalmaterials based on nonlocal manipulations of the Coulombinteraction using…

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Thermodynamically consistent continuum dislocation dynamics

Thomas Hochrainer.

Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids (2016) 88, 12-22.


Dislocation based modeling of plasticity is one of the central challenges at the crossover of materials science and continuum mechanics. Developing a continuum theory of dislocations…

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