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Two-Dimensional Heterojunctions from Nonlocal Manipulations of the Interactions

M. Rösner, C. Steinke, M. Lorke, C. Gies, F. Jahnke, and T. O. Wehling.

Nano Letters (2016) 16, 2322-2327

We propose to create lateral heterojunctions in twodimensionalmaterials based on nonlocal manipulations of the Coulombinteraction using structured dielectric environments. By means of ab initiocalculations for MoS2 as well as generic semiconductor models, we showthat the Coulomb interaction-induced self-energy corrections in real spaceare sufficiently nonlocal to be manipulated externally, but still localenough to induce spatially sharp interfaces within a single homogeneousmonolayer to form heterojunctions. We find a type-II heterojunctionband scheme promoted by a laterally structured dielectric environment,which exhibits a sharp band gap crossover within less than 5 unit cells.

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