Funding Programs for Postdocs

Course 2023-01

Tuesday, 17.01.2023, 10:00 - 13:00

Venue: SFG 1060

Speakers: Petra Schreiber (Central Research Development Fund), Dr. Uta Brathauer (Research officer for National Funding Programs), Dr. Andrea Gottlieb & Dr. Kristin Baer (Research officers for EU-Programs), Dr. Imke Girßmann (BYRD)

Personen im Gespräch in einem Seminarraum.

The Research Services Department will introduce funding programs for individual postdoc positions. The presentation is aimed at postdoctoral researchers and doctoral candidates in the final phase of their doctoral thesis who wish to apply for third-party funding for the postdoctoral phase. The focus is on the acquisition of grants funding one´s own position in Germany or abroad. The participants will receive an overview of the University´s Central Research Development Fund, EU programs and national funding programs.



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