Prof. Dr. Markus Oberthaler (Univ. Heidelberg): Quantum technology in environmental physics - and a glimpse at simulation

Veranstalter:in : FB01, Prof. Dr. Claus Lämmerzahl
Ort : Hörsaal H3, Geb. NW1, Otto-Hahn-Allee 1
Beginn : 20. Oktober 2022, 16:00 Uhr
Ende : 20. Oktober 2022, 17:00 Uhr

Prof. Dr. Markus Oberthaler
Universität Heidelberg

Quantum technology in environmental physics - and a glimpse at simulation of cosmology

The fundamental research of controlled quantum systems has become mature and applications especially in the realm of sensing have been developed. I will discuss the basic tools and techniques in the field of quantum atom optics which allow for the detection of single atoms as well as simulation of relativistic quantum fields.

In the context of environmental science, the capability of detecting single atoms allows for trace analysis at the ultimate quantum level. With that opening a new door for extracting valuable information about dynamics by detecting the very rare isotope 39Ar - a perfect age tracer for oceanography, ground water and ice. What kind of hurdles had to be taken and how the quantum optical side of the methods works will be discussed in detail. Case studies in ground water, oceanography and glacier ice will be presented revealing that this new method is now ready for broad applications [1]. The talk will be concluded with a glimpse to a very different application of quantum technology, namely the study of quantum fields in expanding space time [2].

[1] Spurensuche in der Umwelt, M. Oberthaler and W. Aeschbach, Physik Journal, 2021, Vol. 11, 25-30

[2] Quantum field simulator for dynamics in curved spacetime,
C. Viermann, M. Sparn, N. Liebster, M. Hans, E. Kath, Á. Parra-López, M. Tolosa-Simeón, N. Sánchez-Kuntz, T. Haas, H. Strobel, S. Floerchinger, and M.K. Oberthaler, arXiv: 2202.10399