Prof. Dr. Bengt Beutler
(European law and constitutional law)

Prof. Dr. Lorenz Böllinger
(criminal law and criminology)

Prof. Dr. Gert Brüggemeier
(civil law, European economic law and comparative law)

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Damm
(civil, economic and procedural law)

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Däubler
(German and European labour law)

Prof. Dr. Roland Dubischar
(private law, legal theory and modern legal history)

Prof. Dr. Josef Falke
(european law, world trade law, environmental law, labor law, sociology of law)

Prof. Dr. Johannes Feest
(criminal prosecution, penal system, criminal law)

Prof. Dr. Dieter Hart
(civil law, commercial and company law, economic law)

Prof. Dr. Manfred Hinz
(public law, political sociology and legal sociology)

Prof. Dr. Christian Joerges
(German and European private and economic law, international private law)

Prof. Dr. h.c. Rolf Knieper
(civil and economic law)

Prof. Dr. Hagen Lichtenberg
(European law and labour law)

Prof. Dr. Tesfation Medhanie
(EU Development Policy, International Law and North-South Relations and Human Rights)

Prof. Dr. Konstanze Plett, LL.M.
(law asa a subsidiary subject and gender law)

Prof. Dr. Alfred Rinken
(public law, theory of the state and constitution, philosophy of law)

Prof. Dr. Dian Schefold
(public law including general theory of the state and modern constitutional history with a focus on administrative law)

Prof. Dr. Reinhold Schlothauer
honorary professor for civil procedure law and criminal law)

Prof. Dr. Eike Schmidt
(legal theory, civil law and procedural law)

Prof. Dr. Christoph U. Schminck-Gustavus
(legal history)

Prof. Dr. Karl Schumann
(criminal law)

Prof. Dr. Klaus Sieveking

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