Transnationalisation of law


”Transnationalisation of Law“ has been a main research area at the faculty for some time, cf. Gert Brüggemeier (ed.), Transnationalisierung des Rechts, 2004. Within the framework of the collaborative research centre “Transformations of the State” funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), research in this area was intensified in a series of legal subprojects between 2003 and 2014. A useful overview is provided by the results of a series of lectures held at the faculty in 2011/12, cf. Calliess (ed.), Transnationales Recht, Stand und Perspektiven, 2014.

At the Institute for Commercial Law, the transnationalisation of law is investigated with a focus on law created by the international economy. Professor Gralf-Peter Calliess in particular has researched in this field for many years, cf. ZenTra Working Paper in Transnational Studies No. 52 / 2015. The research of Birgit Spießhofer, Honorary Professor of international economic law and corporate ethics, is focussed on questions of corporate social responsibility in enterprises with cross-border transactions, cf. Birgit Spießhofer, Responsible Enterprise, 2018.

The first German professorship of public law and transnational law was filled in 2014 by Professor Lars Viellechner who has carried out comprehensive research in the field, cf. Lars Viellechner, Transnationalisierung des Rechts, 2013.

The Research Centre for European Environmental Law (FEU) directed by Professor Claudio Franzius investigates the transnational aspects of climate and marine protection. Climate change in particular cannot be fought within the borders of national states and requires a cross-border approach, cf. Till Markus, Transnational Land-use Implications of Carbon Dioxide Removal: An Emerging Legal Issue?, 2023.