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Studying law in Bremen

We welcome your interest in studying law at Bremen University and would like to give you a overview about all the information required to start you studies. 

Which courses of study does the University of Bremen offer? How can I apply and which requirements do I have to fulfil? How is the study programme structured and what are the career options with a law degree?

On the following pages, you can find information on our study programme, the admission process, a list of central points of contact and hopefully answers to all further questions you might have.

Why study law in Bremen?

Five reasons why you should consider studying law at Bremen University


Courses of study

Here you can find information on the various law degree programmes.

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Legal Education

Information about the study programme, course structure and career options of a classical legal education (State Examination) can be found here.


Application and start of studies

Here you can find information about  entry requirements, admission procedures, application deadlines and the Orientation Week.


Study abroad

The Faculty offers various study abroad opportunities with ERASMUS+ or through worldwide exchange programmes.

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Information about fields of research and career paths in research