State examination

As the first part of the complete legal education, the law study course extends over nine semesters and prepares for the "First Legal Examination" (formerly "State Examination"). The first part of the course consists in compulsory subject studies, which generally take five semesters (§5 (2) StudO) and relate to the six written examinations of the "First Legal Examination" in accordance with § 18 (2) JAPG (three examinations in civil law, two examinations in public law, one examination in criminal law).

After the fifth semester, students can choose whether  to continue with studies in their chosen area of specialisation in the sixth and seventh semester and then take the university part of the First Legal Examination (examination in the chosen area of specilisation) or to take the "State Compulsory Subject Examination" (written examinations or written examination and oral examination in the compulsory subject)  immediately upon completion of  the compulsory subject studies and subsequently start studies in their chosen area of specialisation (§ 5 (6) StudO).

In accordance with § 5 (1) JAPG, compulsory subject studies relate to the three fields civil law, criminal law and public law. They comprise a basic studies part (1st - 2nd semester) and a main studies part (3rd - 5th semester), each with a system of course-related credits (written examinations and assignments).

The successful completion of the module "Foundations I" in the 1st and 2nd semester provides the qualfication in a basic subject required by § 16 (1) No. 6 JAPG. Having obtained the required basic studies credits, students have passed their intermediate examination and will receive a corresponding certificate.

Studies in the chosen area of specilisation will include a minimum of 16 semester hours per week, to be spread over two subsequent semesters, § 12 (2) StudO. Within the framework of studies in the chosen area of specilisation, a written assignment or paper has (§ 32 PO) to be submitted as a prerequisite for the examination.