State Examination

As the first part of legal education, the law study course extends over ten semesters and prepares for the "First Law Examination" (formerly "State Examination"). It comprises a basic studies part and a main studies part. Basic studies take place in the 1st and 2nd semester and are completed with an intermediate examination, to be followed by further compulsory studies in the 3rd to 5th semester. Main studies then continue with studies in chosen field of specialisation and exam preparation (the order of these can be chosen individually).

Compulsory subject studies in civil law, criminal law and public law prepare for the State compulsory subject examination which consists in six written examinations (three examinations in civil law, two examinations in public law, one examination in criminal law) as well as an oral examination. During the basic and main studies, students are required to pass a number of written examinations and submit written assignments. The credits earned at the end of the second semester, together with credits from the module "Foundations I", constitute the intermediate examination.

Studies in the chosen field of specialisation comprise 16 semester hours per week, spread over two semesters. Some graded presentations and written assignments must be completed during this time.

Studies are completed with the First Law Examination which includes the State compulsory subject examination (6 written examinations and an oral examination, 70 % of the overall grade) and the university examination in the chosen field of specialisation (written assignment and oral examination, 30 % of the overall grade).