Student Organisations

Fachschaft Jura Bremen

Fachschaft Jura Bremen

Official body representing interests of the students of the Faculty of Law (FB6) of Bremen University


The StugA HLS consists in annually elected representatives of the students of Hanse Law School and represents their interests vis-à-vis management, other student bodies and external parties,  thereby playing a significant role in shaping everyday student life.

AKJ Bremen - Arbeitskreis Kritischer Jurist*innen

AKJ Bremen - Working group of critical law students

Our group is open and all those interested are welcome to join and attend our meetings.


ELSA (European Law Student Association)

ELSA (European Law Student Association) is the world's largest law student association. There is a regional group in nearly every city.

Frauen im Recht

Frauen im Recht

We are a group of female research assistants, students and trainee lawyers at the Faculty of Law. Our objective is to promote solidarity amongst ourselves and to create a space for mutual exchange on Ph.D. and professional questions.