Sascha Karolin Aulepp

Sascha Aulepp

Senator for Children and Education

Coming from Hessia, i consciuously decided to study law at the University of Bremen as a socio-critical faculty offering the possibilty of feminist engagement. During my studies I spent two terms at the University of Liverpool within the framework of the ERASMUS programme.  From 2001, having completed the Second State Examination in Law, I worked as a lawyer with a focus on civil and family law in Bremen.

Having worked as advisor and research associate at the SPD parliamentary group, I was a member of the staff of Mayor Jens Böhrnsen in the Senate Office from 2005. After joining the SPD in 2005, I became Chair of the SPD local association Altstadt-Mitte and was elected  as Regional Chairwoman by the SPD Bremen in 2016.

In 2008, I returned to the law as a civil court judge, became a deputy member at the Bremen constitutional court in 2011 and later a juvenile court judge at the Bremen local court. In the of summer 2015 I returned to politics - temporarily - and have been an SPD member of Bremen parliament and chair of the legal affairsc committee since then.