First Aid

Erste Hilfe Koffer

"First aid" refers to life-saving and health-preserving emergency measures, which anyone can learn and apply in medical emergencies, e.g. cases of respiratory or circulatory arrest. In the rescue chain, first responders alert rescue services, safeguard the accident site and look after patients until professional help arrives. First aid is not only important in cases of road or recreational accidents, but also for accidents at the workplace.

If you would like to take part in a first aid course and join the team of first responders, please contact Faculty administration. The colleagues of the administrative team will be pleased to provide advice.

First Responders

Ballesteros Gonzalez, Daniela (Room B1230, Tel: 66201)

Erkens, Bettina (Room B1221, Tel: 66003)

Gelhaar, Julia (Room A1240, Tel: 66214)

Goodwin, Emmanuelle (Room A 1100, Tel: 66026)

Kamali, Amir-Mahdi

Knipper, Margit (Room A2100, Tel: 66208)

Lange, Eva (Room A2140, Tel: 66213)

Ohlmann, Henri (Room B1225, Tel:66001)

Schäffer, Oliver (Room B1227, Tel: 66028)

Spalink, Antje (Room B2210, Tel: 66101)

Defibrillator im Kasten an der Wand

Defibrillator at the Faculty of Law

There is now a defibrillator available at GW1. This is located in the corridor of block B level in front of the lockers on the wall. The application is described in these instructions.