Research cooperations

Violence, Age and Gender (VAG)

Ten Bremen University scholars from three departments (Law, Social Sciences, Pedagogy and Educational Sciences) and three institutes (bigas, artec, and SOCIUM) found an interdisciplinary lab.

What is it about? 

Research innovations need cooperation. The interdisciplinary lab, which was founded as part of the WoC (Worlds of Contradiction) will approach the topic of “Violence, Age and Gender” from a legal and social science perspective and bundle competencies. The aim is to merge national and international knowledge about the occurrence and causes of gender-specific violence and harassment in public, institutional, and private spheres in an interdisciplinary manner to derive further research questions and develop strategies to prevent violence.

Medizinische Unterlagen


A multidisciplinary team of researchers is building a research database for personal health data in Germany: NFDI4Health.The project is funded by the Federal Government and the Länder and coordinated by the German Research Foundation, initially for five years. The IGMR participates in the project as a partner.