Main Research Areas

Transnationalisation of Law

In a globalised world, not only does national law have to meet cross-border challenges, but there are also legal standards developing beyond the state. Research activities at the faculty have been concerned with these developments for some time. They do not only encompass theoretical analysis, but also practical recommendations for action in a society where the traditional approaches to law have to be transformed to cope with new kinds of problems.


Foundations of Law

From its beginnings, the faculty has placed an emphasis on research into the philosophical, sociological and historical references of the law. Whereas empirical research dominated in the past, nowadays, a wide spectrum of normative and theoretical questions relating to the background of law are investigated. This fundamental work does not only enrich the dogmatic research of the faculty, but also provides numerous interdisciplinary starting points of research.


The digital transformation is changing nearly all areas of society, which raises numerous legal questions and also changes the legal system itself. The faculty conducts digitalisation research as a cross-sectional task that is concerned with questions from very diverse fields of law. Research topics include new developments such as autonomous robots, consequences of digitalisation in different sectors of society, e.g. in the context of “Work 4.0” as well as regulation and consequences of “legal tech”, e.g. in contract law or in administrative procedures.