Vortrag von Dr. Tara Smith: New Religions in Multi-media contexts

Am 12. Juli 16:15 am ZeMKI Linzer Str. 4, room 60.070 zur Darstellung und Imagination neuer religiöser Bewegungen in Science Fiction und anderen Medien.

Science fiction writers have long been fascinated by religion. Scratch the surface of most popular and well-known science fiction and you will discover biblical allusions, apocalyptic events, spiritual concepts, binary portrayals of good versus evil, and ideas about what it is to be human. Less explored are the unique created religions, religions inspired by cultural events, and contemporary new religious movements within the genre. Science fiction is social fiction, that is, work that explores humanity in new worlds, new situations, with new characters. This particular quality of the genre – both literary and in other mediums – allows for a creative perspective for exploring NRMs. This presentation is based from my ongoing Cambridge Elements book project which is arranged to offer an introduction to New Religious Movements within science fiction across different media including gaming, film and literature.