Wissenschaftlerinnen des IR² auf der EASR:2023 in Vilnius

vom 4.-8. September präsentieren Dr. Iliyana Angelova, Dr. Hannah Grünenthal, Prof. Dr. Radde-Antweiler, Bodil Stelter und Dr. Kerstin Trattner Ergebnisse ihrer Forschung vor der europäischen Gemeinschaft der Religionswissenschaftler:innen.

Angelova, Iliyana:'We Need Fellowship, We Need to Stay Togeather': on Being Christian in the Mega-City of New Delhi During the Global Pandemic (and Thereafter)

Grunenthal, Hannah; Radde-Antweiler
Panel: Religions and Technologies during COVID-19: Findings from Canada, germany, Ireland, and Poland.

Grünenthal, Hannah: "Better than Nothing and Less Dreadful Than Imagined": German Religious Organizations' Attitudes towards Digitalization in Face of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Radde-Antweiler, participant of roundtable: "Media Settlers: Minority Churches in Times of Deep Mediatization"

Radde-Antweiler, participant of roundtable: " Digital Innovations during Covid: Cross-National Insights"

Trattner, Kathrin (chair): "Religion, Gaming, and Values -  Perspektives and Approaches Beyond Representation"

Stelter, Bodil: "I, for My Part, Had a Very Engaging Discussion Here!" - Value-Driven Conduct Regulation in Player's Discourse About "The Last of Us: Part II"


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