Political Science B.A.

Basic Information


Bachelor of Arts


Standard period of study
6 semesters

Single subject: 180CP
Major subject: 120CP
Minor subject: 60CP
Teacher training option: 72CP

Teaching language


The focus of Political Science lies on political institutions, such as government, parliament, judiciary, parties, public administration and international organisations. Research looks at political processes and associated power mechanisms and conflicts of interest (politics), political topics and programmes in various political fields (policy) and their administrative implementation (polity). During the first semesters of the Bachelor's programme in Political Science, students take part in introductory courses covering the most important fields of Political Science. The second half of the study programme builds on this through seminars involving presentations and dissertations. The study programme aims to convey an academic and professionally relevant understanding of policy areas (such as social policy, environmental policy and European policy), political institutions and political processes on national, European and international stages. Main areas of focus in Bremen are international relations, European integration and social policy.

Further information

Please consult the Institute of Political Science website and the University of Bremen's Study Programme Database for further information.

Contact us

Prof. Dr. Andreas Klee
Study programme advisor for teacher training
Room: 1.36
Phone: 0421 218-56700
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