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The Master's study programme "Social Policy" offers an internationally renowned, two-year course that enables successful candidates to enter into positions in international organisations, government administration, welfare associations and civil society organisations. The interdisciplinary degree programme includes courses in the origins and development of the welfare state and civil society and seminars focusing on analysis of European welfare regimes and the challenges brought about by globalisation. International and comparative social policy and specialized studies in selected areas of social policy as well as the development and effects of social policy measures are also part of the advanced curriculum.

The Università degli Studi di Milano (MA Management of Human Resources and Labour Studies) and the University of Bremen (MA Sozialpolitik) have developed a joint double-degree programme, starting in the winter semester 2015/16. Students will spend a year at both the University of Bremen and the Università degli Studi di Milano, recieveing two Master's degrees after successfully fulfilling all requirements. As the programme is an extension of the MEST programme and the specialisation "European Labour Studies", it offers interdisciplinary training in the field of European industrial relations with a particular regional focus on Germany and Italy.

The two programmes in Bremen and Milan have different focal points: Bremen has a strong social policy orientation while Milan offers a more sociological and human resource perspective. Both programmes focus on welfare state institutions and industrial relations. Additionally, both programmes qualify for research-oriented careers in all areas of social policy and industrial relations, e.g. in international organisations, government departments, welfare organisations or community associations.

Double Degree European Master in Labour Studies and Social Policy


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For further information please consult the Instituts of Political Science website and University of Bremen's Study Programme Database.

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