Welcoming Address of the Dean of Studies for the Winter Semester 2022/23 and Information on the Orientation Week

As Dean of Studies, I would like to welcome you at beginning of your studies at the Faculty of Law at the University of Bremen!

You have chosen an exciting educational institution for your studies: the University of Bremen is a young university, strong in research and well networked internationally, and the Faculty of Law, with its focus on the foundations of law, transnationalisation and digitalisation, offers a wide-ranging programme to meet your interests. I very much hope that you will come to appreciate this offer in the coming years. All of us at the faculty would like to support you in a successful start to your law studies. The key to this success is your motivation, your interest in the subject, but also your participation in university self-administration. You can look forward to your time as a student at the University and expect intensive discussions, rewarding new impressions and exciting challenges.

Experience shows that it will take you a while to adjust to this new situation with its opportunities, but also with its demands. This applies to the university as an organisation, but also to law with its peculiarities and characteristics. We would like to help you to find your way through lecture halls, curricula, the campus or the faculty and examination administration. The Uni Start Portal will provide you with an overview of the study programme with the most important information, for example regarding organisational questions and the central contact points at the faculty and university.

Even though we have been able to offer our students a full programme on campus again since the summer semester of 2022, we still need to consider the dangers of the coronavirus. I would like to ask all of you for this consideration – in your own interest and in the interest of all students and teachers. Please pay particular attention to any adjustments to the hygiene rules in the coming winter and until then follow the University's recommendation to wear a medical or FFP2 standard mask in the buildings.

On behalf of the faculty, I wish you a good start to your studies: we are all looking forward to meeting you!

Sebastian Kolbe
(Dean of Studies)

Information on the Orientation Week:

At the beginning of the winter semester, the Faculty of Law offers various events during the orientation week. This always takes place in the week before the regular course starts. The students are accompanied for a week by tutors who are already studying in a higher semester and are provided with all the important information necessary for a successful start to their studies.

There is also an official Instagram Account on the Orientation Week of the Faculty of Law at the University of Bremen.

Programme Orientation Week 2022/23 for the Faculty of Law

Uni Start Portal



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