Female Future Docs Information sheet

Doctorate and academia – the right choice for me?

Within the framework of "Female Future Docs", young researchers present their thesis subject and talks about their path to a doctorate. Which subject inspired them? Which formal requirements have to be observed? Which obstacles have to be overcome?

Students at the Federal Social Court

Excursion to the Federal Social Court

On 28 February 2024, students of the field of specialisation "Labour and Social Law in the International and Supranational Context" accompanied by Prof. Dr. Angie Schneider went on an excursion to the Federal Social Court.

Speakers at the conference

Women Lawyers at the Universities – Gender Law in Research and Teaching

From 15 to February 2024, the conference "Women Lawyers at the Universities – Gender Law in Research and Teaching" took place at Haus der Wissenschaft in Bremen.

Präsentation im Hörsaal

Constitutional Moot Court

When the fundamental rights lecture turns into a hearing before the Federal Constitutional Court

Thomas Streinz

"Evolution of European Data Protection Law"

Guest lecture by Thomas Streinz of the NYU School of Law within the framework of the seminar "European Administrative Law" of interim professor Andrej Lang

Participants of the Faculty

9th Moot Court at the Federal Labour Court

On 18 January 2024, the 9th Moot Court of the Federal Labour Court took place in Erfurt, with three teams of Bremen University participating.

Research assistants at the protest

Research assistants take a stand against right-wing extremism

Research assistants of the Faculty of Law joined the protest "Loud Against the Right" on 21 January 2024 in Bremen to take a stand for democratic coexistence.

Participants of the conference

Gerd Winter in Seoul

On 29 November, the South Korean Justice Research and Training Center (JRTC) in Seoul organised a conference on two “paradigm shifts” for the legal order, i.e. artificial intelligence and climate change.

Promotionsfeier 2023

Doctoral Awards Ceremony 2023

On 23 November 2023, the annual doctoral awards ceremony of the Faculty of Law took place in the Kaminsaal of Bremen Town Hall.

Professor Viellechner at the award ceremony

Berninghausen Prize for Excellence in Teaching awarded to Prof. Dr. Lars Viellechner

On 29 November 2023, Prof. Dr. Lars Viellechner was awarded the Berninghausen Prize for Excellence in Teaching.

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