Successful participation of the Faculty in the Justus-Liebig Moot Court

The Faculty of Law of Bremen University took part in the Justus-Liebig Moot Court for the first time this year.

The competition, which was offered this year for the eleventh time jointly by the Frankfurt Bar Association and the Chair of Prof. Dr. Martin Gutzeit at the University of Gießen, has taken place annually since 2011 in the form of a simulated civil trial before a German court

Based on the facts of a case, the student teams, usually consisting of two people, draft a statement of claim. The teams that have submitted the best briefs then compete against each other in final rounds in oral hearings in the courtroom of the Faculty of Law at the University of Gießen. Compared to other civil law moot courts such as the Soldan Moot, in which both the statement of claim and the statement of defence have to be drafted on the basis of a comprehensive case file and then all teams compete against each other in four hearings in the preliminary round, the Justus Liebig Moot Court is less time-consuming. Nevertheless, this moot court also offers one of the rare opportunities to gain practical experience before the legal traineeship. It is therefore particularly suitable for advanced students with a chosen area of specialisation or those preparing for their exams.

Bianca-Justine Hoffmeyer and Lana Wenning competed for the University of Bremen in the 11th Justus Liebig Moot Court. Before the simulated court presided over by Prof. Dr. Patrick Gödicke, judge at the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt a.M., as well as the representative of the Bar Association, lawyer Tanja V. Pfitzner, LL.M. (Columbia) from the law firm Pfitzner Legal, Frankfurt and Prof. Dr. Martin Gutzeit as associate judge, the Bremen students competed on 14 July 2022 as representatives of the plaintiff against a team from the University of Marburg, which represented the defendant. In the process, the team from the University of Bremen was only narrowly defeated and thus missed out on entering the final. The Faculty of Law congratulates Bianca-Justine Hoffmeyer and Lana Wenning on their success.

The Justus Liebig Moot Court Team of the University of Bremen was supported by the Faculty of Law and the Moot Court Association Bremen (MCAB) e.V. in their preparation and during their participation in the competition. For example, as a key qualification, the Faculty offered a practical workshop on drafting lawyers' briefs in civil procedure law immediately before the issue of the facts of the case. MCAB e.V. provided the team with the assistance of student Teresa Vida Offenhäuser, who has already participated in several civil law moot courts, as a mentor during the competition and covered the travel costs.

Next year, the Faculty hopes to be represented again with a team at the 12th Justus Liebig Moot Court. At the beginning of the summer semester 2023, the Study Centre will inform students from the fourth semester onwards via InfoMail about the requirements for participation in the competition.

Justus Liebig Moot Court Team
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