VIR Annual Conference 2023

This year's Annual Conference of the Association for Infrastructure Law (VIR) took place on 16 November 2023.

Almost 100 participants gathered in the Bremen "Fly Deck" above the roofs of the city to discuss the topic "Rechtsschutz in Zeiten der Beschleunigungsgesetzgebung". With this conference, VIR focussed on a central element of political efforts towards the transition to renewable energies in terms of climate law.

The all-day event started with a review of current approaches to speed up the approval of infrastructure projects. A second block was concerned with examples, in particular the amendment of the Code of Administrative Court Procedure, the expansion of statutory planning on the example of the meanwhile repealed Maßnahmengesetzvorbereitungsgesetz and limits of legal protection in climate litigation. In the last block, the significance of administrative court control of an accelerated reorganisation of infrastructure and what can be learned from other legal systems was examined. The results will be published in special issue of the Zeitschrift für Umweltrecht (ZUR). The programme of the conference and further information on the Association for Infrastructure Law can be found here.

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