The New Quality of Work Initiative (INQA) is an initiative launched by the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. It sees itself as a neutral and non-commercial practical platform that works to shape a modern working world with attractive working conditions for employers and employees and accompanies companies and employees in the transformation of the working world. In doing so, it focuses on the areas of leadership, health, diversity and competence.

INQA offers a variety of consulting and information services as well as a broad network for companies and public administrations. The initiative operates close to the companies and has an ear for everyday business life. The initiative's offerings are aimed at managers and directors, HR managers, works councils, and ultimately at every employee who is interested in a positive and healthy work culture. After all, the economic success of a company can only be guaranteed through a willingness to change.

INQA is the relevant practical platform for a sustainable work culture and new quality of work in Germany. "INQA makes work better!"

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