German Statutory Accident Insurance

The DGUV promotes research projects by external bodies on topics of interest to all accident insurance carriers, particularly in the areas of prevention, occupational diseases, rehabilitation and participation.

For over 100 years, the statutory accident insurance institutions (UVT) have been conducting research into safety and health, occupational diseases and social and medical rehabilitation. According to the Social Security Code (SGB) VII, the UVT have the mandate

  • to prevent occupational accidents and diseases and work-related health hazards by all appropriate means (§ 1),
  • to work to restore the health and capacity of the insured persons after the occurrence of occupational accidents or diseases (§ 1 and § 3 para. 1 BKV) and
  • to mitigate their consequences by all appropriate means through medical, occupational and social rehabilitation measures (§§ 1, 26 and 34).


The task of the UVT is further

  • to investigate the causes of work-related hazards to life and health (§ 14),
  • to examine the quality and effectiveness of services for curative treatment and participation - according to the state of medical knowledge and taking into account medical progress (§ 26 Para. 4) and
  • to participate in the acquisition of new medical and scientific knowledge, in particular for the further development of the law on occupational diseases (§ 9 Para. 8).

In this context, it is particularly important to identify causal relationships between the frequency of illness in certain groups of people or the frequency of accidents and harmful effects on health in insured activities and to take new research topics into account.


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