Third-party funded Projects


Project Team performance of human-human and human-agent teams in a Mars habitat under various scenarios

As part of the 3-part seed project on "The living Habitat" within the MAPEX cluster initiative "Researching pathways toward a long-term sustainable, ethically acceptable human settlement of Mars" and in cooperation with ZARM and Sustainable Communication Networks, the project "Team performance in extreme environments" investigates how human users integrate into the technological environment of the habitat on Mars and how their team processes and performance can be improved by adaptations of the technological environment and in cooperation with an artificial intelligence.


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Project KARAT

The project "Artificial Intelligence for Healthy Work in Driving Professions: Workload and Safety in Traffic and Transportation (KARAT)" implements an employee-oriented AI application for innovative support of driving professions in Germany. By using both individual data, physiologically recorded reactions and driving data as well as publicly available data (e.g. weather data, major events, traffic situations), a data analysis on workload based on machine learning will be developed.

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Teamtraining Firefighting

In the project "Strong together - professional team training for more safety and less stress in firefighting" we are researching how the safety of high responsibility teams in fire protection can already be effectively trained during their education. 

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DIAMANT stands for digitalized idea and work management in production, logistics and trade. In the DIAMANT project, we are researching how the emerging digital world of work can be innovatively organized and shaped - to the advantage of companies and employees.