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At the Faculty of Economics of the University of Bremen, Department of Human Resources, there will be a

Research Internship

to forgive. The research internship can be completed part-time and is aimed at conscientious and motivated students of economics or psychology who are interested in research. The research internship should be a compulsory internship and remains unpaid.

Activities within the scope of the research internship include, for example, the research of research articles and their preparation. In addition, the creation of online surveys using Unipark, the execution of laboratory studies including the acquisition and management of test persons and the evaluation of simulation-based and questionnaire data belong to the fields of activity. If interested, initial experience can also be gained in the preparation of teaching at the University of Bremen.

You can expect a dynamic, internationally oriented team, which offers a variety of learning opportunities in a collegial atmosphere and provides insights into chair and research activities.

If you are interested, please send your application (cover letter, previous performance overview and curriculum vitae) by e-mail:

Prof. Dr. Vera Hagemann