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Project closure:

On 27.09.21 the digital final workshop of the DIAMANT project took place. We look back on an intensive, cooperative and insightful collaboration and are pleased about the interesting results. Together, we managed to generate a successful project conclusion and to complement the discussion of the results with exciting contributions. On behalf of the entire DIAMANT team, we would like to thank you for the numerous participants and the lively participation. The final brochure of the project as well as individual guidelines derived from the project results are available on the DIAMANT homepage. The digital idea management is published here under an open-source-license (EUPL).

We are also pleased to refer to our sister project "Artificial Intelligence for Healthy Work in Driving Professions: Workload and Safety in Traffic and Transportation (KARAT)", which started in January 2021.

Project description:

Digitalisation is changing the way we work. It's time to venture into something new and create spaces in which management and employees can try out innovative working concepts together. Against this background, the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has initiated the "Sustainable Companies and Administrations in Digital Change" funding guideline under the umbrella of the New Quality of Work Initiative (INQA). The funding supports companies and administrations in actively dealing with the challenges and opportunities of a changing world of work. Our DIAMANT project is also one of the sponsored INQA projects and has set up a learning and experiment room with the aim of involving employees in the digitization process and thus designing and implementing an innovative idea and work management system. Further information on all funded projects at www.experimentierrä and on DIAMANT at


DIAMANT stands for digitalized idea and work management in production, logistics and trade. In the DIAMANT project, we are researching how the emerging digital world of work can be innovatively organized and shaped - to the advantage of companies and employees. Our goal is to improve working conditions in everyday work, to make digitized work healthy and motivating, and to develop potential for employees and companies. To this end, modern and learning-friendly working environments with greater self-organisation and individual freedom are made possible at the workplace and in the work process. We involve our employees directly in this bottom-up digitization process. An innovative digitalized idea management system is being developed so that all employees can participate in the process to generate further starting points for improving the digitalized value-added processes and anchor them in the company on a sustainable basis. The workload and the quality of adaptation in digitized working environments are measured using a specially developed instrument for measuring mental stress and strain. An e-coaching system promotes the competence development of employees and managers for their activities in the changed working day. The project is carried out in a network under the direction of the junior professorship for sociology at the University of Trier. ].


Project tasks of the University of Bremen:

As a project partner, the Department of Human Resources contributes its comprehensive expertise in the fields of instrument development, competence measurement and training, group work, coaching and the design of work organisation and working relationships in modern, digitisation-influenced working contexts.

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