News from the Project

Conclusion of the project

Our great project has now come to an end on 31 January 2024 and has been successfully completed. We had a lot of fun and are proud of it and would like to thank everyone involved once again for their commitment and skills. 

The report is published under the following link: DGUV Forschung: Projekt-Nr. FF-FP 0433

We would like to express our sincere thanks for the realisation of the research project and the always very good cooperation!

Workshops, workshops, workshops

The project slowly comes to an end. In the last weeks we had the chance to talk about our teamtraining with representatives of the professional fire department Cologne, volunteer fire departments from Lübeck and Riede, and industrial fire departments of Currenta, Miele, Henkel and Evonik. Adaptions to the manual and ideas for the implementation of the teamtraining were discussed. The insights will be incorporated into the manual which will soon be available for download from the project webpage.

We thank all participants for the intensive exchange!


Successful participation in the AOWI conference in Kassel

"Proactive adaptation to a changing world of work" was the motto of the 13th conference of the Division of Industrial, Organizational and Business Psychology (AOW) together with the Division of Engineering Psychology of the German Psychological Society (DGPs). From September 13-15, 2023, we were on site in Kassel with the project team.

Overall, we were represented with the following contributions:

  • Structure and benefits of debriefings in fire protection among experienced firefighters and trainees. (Heinemann, L., Aust, F., Holtz, M., Peifer, C., Hagemann, V.).
  • Non-technical skills in firefighting - effects of a team training for less stress and more safety in firefighting operations. (Heinemann, L., Aust, F., Holtz, M., Peifer, C., Hagemann, V.).
  • Collective efficacy expectations in firefighters and their positive relationship with flow, team flow, and team processes. (Aust, F., Heinemann, L., Holtz, M., Hagemann, V., Peifer, C.).

We  look back with pleasure on the exciting exchange and the valuable suggestions on site.

Bild AOWI 2023
Bild AOWI 2023
Bild AOWI 2023

Next milestone reached - data collection completed

On January 30 & 31, we were able to successfully conduct the last operational exercises with the trainees from Frechen and Cologne. Over 1700 cortisol samples, hours of video footage and countless questionnaires are now ready for evaluation. We would like to thank all those involved for their support!

In the next project phase, the results will now be processed, presented and discussed. We look forward to a lively exchange with firefighters from all sectors.

Christmas greetings from the 'Gemeinsam Stark' project

The year 2022 is coming to an end and the 'Gemeinsam Stark'-team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

52nd Congress of the DGPs in Hildesheim

Just one week after the PASIG, there was another opportunity to present our project. As part of the 52nd Congress of the German Psychological Society (DGPs), we took part in a symposium on the topic of "Factors of successful teamwork" and gave presentations on "Team flow among firefighters" and "Development and evaluation of team training". The symposium met with a great response and we are very pleased with the comments from the participants.

Vortrag Lena DGPS
Vortrag Fabienne DGPS

22nd Workshop Psychology of Occupational Safety and Health

From September, 5th - 7th, Lena Heinemann and her project partner Fabienne Aust (University of Lübeck) were able to present the project "Team Training Fire Fighting" at the 22nd PASIG workshop in Gera and come into contact with many experts from the field of occupational safety. We are pleased about the valuable feedback and the exciting exchange. The two contributions can be read in the PASIG workshop volume - feel free to take a look (the two contributions are listed under Publications).

Vortrag PASIG
Vortrag PASIG
Vortrag PASIG

Conference participation 22nd Workshop Psychology of Occupational Safety and Health

From September, 5th - 7th we will be giving two presentations on our project at the 22nd Workshop Psychology of Occupational Safety and Health in Gera. We will report on the development of a questionnaire for the assessment of stressors and resources of teamwork in fire protection operations as well as on the training concept for non-technical skills in fire protection operations that was developed from the results. We are looking forward to the exchange on site!

Next milestone reached

Things are happening fast in the project. Last week, we were able to conduct the fifth and, for the time being, last team training at the professional fire brigade in Cologne. After two exciting training days, the trainees were able to apply their newly acquired knowledge in an operational exercise. We thank them for their participation and look forward to the final measurements in autumn and winter.

Abschluss Baseline

Baseline surveys completed

Our project is progressing with great strides. This week we were able to start with the last survey group and conduct the baseline measurement. The last team training and some post-measurements are still to come, which will bring us to the Cologne fire brigade a few more times in the next months.

Data collection in the experimental groups

We are currently in the middle of the survey of the experimental groups in the project. Last week, the Frechen fire brigade visited us in Cologne with their trainees for operational exercises and we were able to conduct our team training in Frechen on two days. For the next operational exercises, the Frechen trainees will be at the Cologne fire brigade again this week for one day.

Fire Department Day - we will be there

As part of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the Cologne Fire Department, the Fire Department Day will take place on June 12, 2022 at Fire Station 5 in Cologne. The Gemeinsam Stark team has planned a great event - anyone who would like to experience a small operation themselves is welcome to come along.

More information is available here:

Major milestone reached

Over the past few weeks, our project team has again been busy in Cologne observing the trainees during their operational excercises. Many questionnaires were filled out and physiological stress markers were collected. After a few long days, we are pleased to announce that all control groups have now been successfully surveyed.

A big thank you goes to the trainees of the professional fire departments of Cologne and Frechen. Despite all the corona-related adversities, we were able to accompany you through the training period and carry out three exciting operational exercises with you. Without the numerous helpers, however, this would not have been possible - which is why we would also like to thank all instructors and interested parties who supported us during the surveys.

In the next months the surveys of the training group will continue - we are looking forward to more operational days in Cologne.


Christmas greetings from the project team

The project team "Strong Together" wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Another milestone reached in the project "Strong together - team training firefighting"

In mid-October, we were able to conduct our newly developed team training for the first time with trainees from the Cologne professional fire department. We had a lot of fun putting the content we had developed into practice and were pleased to receive a lot of positive feedback and constructive comments from the trainees.

Foto vor dem Feuerwehrauto

Dress rehearsal in the project "Strong together" was successful

On the weekend (17. & 18.9.) we were finally able to put the results of the first one and a half years of the project into practice and carry out our freshly developed team training with firefighters of the volunteer fire department of the joint municipality Thedinghausen - local fire department Riede. With numerous case studies, exercises and discussions, various areas of teamwork in fire protection operations were addressed. We had a lot of fun to finally present our elaborations to the target group and are grateful for the input and feedback of the participants. In the next step, we will conduct the training with trainees of the Cologne Fire Department to evaluate its effectiveness.

The aim of the DGUV-funded third-party project "Strong Together - Team Training Firefighting" is to develop, implement and evaluate a professional team training concept for fire protection training that is specially adapted to this target group. The training aims to improve the team processes in operational force structures in terms of non-technical skills such as communication, coordination, decision-making and leadership behavior, for greater safety and less stress during operations.