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News from the Project

Christmas greetings from the project team

The project team "Strong Together" wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Another milestone reached in the project "Strong together - team training firefighting"

In mid-October, we were able to conduct our newly developed team training for the first time with trainees from the Cologne professional fire department. We had a lot of fun putting the content we had developed into practice and were pleased to receive a lot of positive feedback and constructive comments from the trainees.

Foto vor dem Feuerwehrauto

Dress rehearsal in the project "Strong together" was successful

On the weekend (17. & 18.9.) we were finally able to put the results of the first one and a half years of the project into practice and carry out our freshly developed team training with firefighters of the volunteer fire department of the joint municipality Thedinghausen - local fire department Riede. With numerous case studies, exercises and discussions, various areas of teamwork in fire protection operations were addressed. We had a lot of fun to finally present our elaborations to the target group and are grateful for the input and feedback of the participants. In the next step, we will conduct the training with trainees of the Cologne Fire Department to evaluate its effectiveness.

The aim of the DGUV-funded third-party project "Strong Together - Team Training Firefighting" is to develop, implement and evaluate a professional team training concept for fire protection training that is specially adapted to this target group. The training aims to improve the team processes in operational force structures in terms of non-technical skills such as communication, coordination, decision-making and leadership behavior, for greater safety and less stress during operations.