Topics for theses

Which topic should I choose?

For a thesis in the field of business psychology and human resources, you can either choose a topic yourself or apply for one of the suggested topics. 

Please contact Prof. Dr. Vera Hagemann, Dr. Michèle Rieth or Jonathan Meinecke directly to apply for a proposed topic. 


Current topics:

HR Analytics (People or Workforce Analytics) - Prof. Dr. Vera Hagemann:

  • The perception of HR analytics by employees, with special attention to trust
  • HR-Analytics - From its beginnings until today: Where does it come from and what is possible today?
  • HR Analytics in the context of personnel selection
  • HR-Analytics: Opportunities and Risks for Organizations and Employees
  • Suitable starting points for HR analytics in the employee experience
  • HR analytics and psychological models in retention management

Use of algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) for leadership tasks and in human resource management - Prof. Dr. Vera Hagemann

  • Impact of the use of AI for managerial tasks and in decision-making processes on employees and the organisation
  • Organisational measures and practices for the implementation of algorithms in organisations, especially in human resource management

Interaction between humans and artificial intelligence (AI) - Prof. Dr. Vera Hagemann

  • Impact of human-AI interaction on psychological empowerment in the work context on an individual level
  • Human-AI teamwork, especially with a focus on individual perceptions of teamwork
  • HR Analytics: Use of AI in Human Resource Management, especially in Talent Development


Human-Automation Interaction and Human-AI Teams (AI = Artificial Intelligence) - Dr. Michèle Rieth

  • Human role perception in interaction with technology at the workplace
  • New form of teamwork: Artificial Intelligence as a team member of humans? 
  • Differences in team dynamics in purely human teams vs. human-AI teams
  • Derivation of central factors of work design for successful human-AI teaming
  • Overview work of the use and feasibility of Human-AI Teaming in practice


Future-oriented leadership - Jonathan Meinecke:

  • Leading virtual teams
  • Self-organized teams - leading without a manager?
  • Leadership in times of crisis
  • Leadership in Politics
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