Examination period

The written examinations take place in the first three weeks after the end of the lecture period. The examination dates of the other examination forms are not limited to this period.

The retake examinations of the previous semester take place in the 1st week after the lecture period. The examinations of the current semester take place in the 2nd and 3rd week.

The retake examinations for courses of the 6th semester of the Bachelor's degree programs take place on an early date in the first week of October.

You can find an overview of the examination periods in the examination annual overview.

Examination Registration

Students of the Bachelor's program Business Studies register for their examinations via the Central Examination Office (PrüfungsAmt Bremen Online, PABO) (www.uni-bremen.de/pabo). The rooms for written examinations can also be found on PABO. The time slots for electronic examinations can be found on the faculty's examination portal approximately one week before the examination. The results of all electronic examinations are also stored in PABO.

The regular registration periods for examinations are:

  • winter semester: 10 December till 10 January (exam deregistration 10 December till 31 January).
  • summer semester: 10 June till 30 June (exam deregistration 10 June till 30 June).

Students must re-register for the retake examinations via PABO. There is no automatic registration.

If you have problems registering via PABO, please contact your examination office directly.

Examination Schedules

Examination Annual Overview


in the summer term 2024,
1st date (as of 29 April 2024)

You can find the full list of all examinations here.

Exam Portal

All students can access their time slot for electronic examinations on the faculty's examination portal. Students from other faculties register for the examinations of the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics, which they take via supplementary studies, via the faculty's examination portal.

The examination portal is open during the following periods:

  • summer semester: 10 June until 30 June
  • winter semester: 10 December until 10 January

Students must re-register for all retake examinations via the examination portal. There is no automatic registration.