Credit bearing Internships

Perhaps you have considered completing an internship, true to the motto "the proof of the pudding is in the eating"?

Would you also like to find out more about the question "How much of the theoretical knowledge I have acquired can I put into practice later?"

Then decide to do an internship during your studies!

It enhances your CV and allows you to think "outside the box". Doing an internship shows potential employers that you are particularly committed, especially if an internship is not compulsory during your studies. Even if you have top grades but no additional experience from an internship or a semester abroad, you may still be at a disadvantage when looking for a job compared to those who have lower grades but have dared to think outside the box.

An internship during your studies, regardless of whether you are studying for a Bachelor's or Master's degree, should help you to reflect and give you new ideas for your further studies. It can also lead to clarity as to whether or not a career aspiration matches your expectations. For this reason, vocational training or an internship completed before the degree course cannot be recognized.

An internship should pursue the following goals:

  •     Develop a professional vision and support the process of finding one,
  •     gain an insight into professional fields or areas of activity,
  •     apply and test the knowledge and skills acquired during your studies,
  •     promote practical issues in the course of study,
  •     develop soft skills such as cooperation, communication and articulation skills

We recommend and support the completion of an internship after the 2nd semester of the Bachelor's degree program in order to be able to pursue and implement the internship goals mentioned above. our internships are not compulsory in any of our degree programs.

According to the old examination regulations (PO 2016 for BWL and WIWI), it can be integrated into the elective area of General Studies to the extent of 6 CP (minimum duration: 5 weeks full-time, examination performance: internship report). Nothing has changed here in the new WiWi 2023 examination regulations. According to the new PO 2023 (BWL), it can even be integrated into the profile area (elective) with 12 CP (minimum duration: 8 weeks, maximum duration: 6 months with a total of at least 320 hours, as it can also be completed part-time or in mixed full/part-time form; examination achievement: internship report). According to the new PO 2023, relevant vocational training prior to the degree program can be credited for the module. This internship is no mandatory internship which some company request.Tip! Even if a company requires you to complete an internship as a mandatory internship in their job advertisement, it is still worth applying there.

Although there is no internship module in the Master's programme BWL, an internship could be credited via the CDE module with 6 CP (elective module). The same conditions apply as for the internship WIWI (new) or the internship BWL/WIWI according to PO 2016, i.e. at least 5 weeks with submission of an internship report, which is then also graded. It may be advisable to do this in the 4th semester, parallel to the Master's thesis. We would be happy to advise you on this.

Please note the legal regulations regarding the minimum wage. Only mandatory internships are exempt from paying the minimum wage. At our department, we do not stipulate a compulsory internship, but you can still complete an internship of up to 3 months without minimum wage relevance.

An internship must be registered informally before it begins. The exact procedure, further information on the internship and the internship report as well as the internship regulations can be found below - please read the internship information sheet in the relevant examination regulations first.

The Office for Practice and Transfer of the Faculty advises on recognition issues and provides the internship officer. We provide information on internship offers in our own career portal "7Careers". Current internship offers are always posted on this portal.

In the case of recognition of vocational training, the procedure is as follows: You contact us via and arrange a personal appointment, preferably with suggested dates. Once you have received confirmation of an appointment, bring your completed and signed application for recognition, the original certificate and a copy with you to the appointment. You will receive further information during the appointment.

The University Career Center also offers a wide range of advice and information on the path to a successful internship in Germany and abroad. For example, it provides valuable assistance with applications in an international environment.