Examination Period

The Master’s degree in Business Psychology mainly includes portfolio examinations. Portfolio examinations include either the preparation of individual work packages or a maximum of three interrelated services (e.g. lesson preparations, presentations, learning diaries, short presentations or homework). In both forms, the partial performances are assessed individually and an overall grade is determined in the end. There are also occasional homework assignments, oral tests and written examinations.

Examination Registration

Students of the master's program Business Psychology register for their examinations via the Central Examination Office (PrüfungsAmt Bremen Online, PABO) (www.uni-bremen.de/pabo). The results of all examinations are also stored in PABO.

The regular registration periods for examinations are:

  • winter semester: 10 December till 10 January (cancellation of enrollment 10 December till 31 January).
  • summer semester: 10 June till 30 June (cancellation of enrollment 10 June till 30 June).

Students must re-register for the retake examinations via PABO. There is no automatic registration.

If you have problems registering via PABO, please contact your examination office directly.