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Business Psychology M.Sc.

As a consecutive study program, the Master's degree in Business Psychology requires a completed Bachelor's degree (or comparable first degree with a professional qualification) in one of the following subjects: Business Studies, Economics, Engineering and Management, Business Psychology or Psychology. With the completion of the Master’s degree, a direct career entry is possible. Besides that, students can also deepen their knowledge of business psychology by doing a doctoral program.

Academic Program Curriculum

The Master Program Business Psychology has a standard duration of four semesters and concludes with the degree "Master of Science" (M.Sc.). The focus of the Master's degree program is the interdisciplinary combination of business studies and organizational psychological content. The interactive didactics by lecturers and interdisciplinary teams of students is a unique feature in this program. The students carry out independent research projects with application-related topics.

Matej Meza


The application for the Master's degree in Business Psychology has to be done online. Information on admission requirements and application modalities can be found here.


Matej Meza


Students of Business Psychology apply for their exams via the Central Examination Office.


Questions about studying answered:

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