Career Development and Employability

Module description and learning oucome

The new module "Career Development and Employability" offers the possibility to participate in individual events and lectures that are conducive to one's own career orientation, career entry or career development. Thus, events and lectures can be attended for which there are otherwise no credit possibilities in CP. With the attendance of these events so-called CDE points are collected (explanation below)

There are multiple opportunities you can choose for acquiring CDE points, e.g. by other university institutions like the Career Center, the Studierwerkstatt or by the Alumni Association. But there are also external providers who offer events or workshops which can be recognized. A portfolio of all options you get here.

How are CDE points counted?
1 CDE = 45-60 minutes of participation in an event or workshop OR 1 CP equals to 9 CDE points.

How many CDE do I have to collect to get CP?
at lesast. 27 for 3 CP (BA GS)
at least 54 for 6 CP (MA elective module)

Where can I get an overview about events for collecting CDE points?
There are many other possibilities to collect CDE points (events of the Alumni Association, the Studierwerkstatt, the Career Center and many more). More information here.

Do I have to collect all CDE points to earn CP in one semester?
No, CDE points can also be earned across semesters.

How are the CDE points verified?
Forms are available in the download area of the semester-independent Stud.IP course board "Career Development and Employability". There you will also find further explanations on how exactly this works.

How are CPs gained?
You register for examinations once you have collected all the CDE points required for the CP and the submitted reflection and evaluation report has been graded as passed. For example, you can start collecting points in the 1st semester and complete the points in the 6th semester. You then register via the VAK no. 07-B37-4-71-01 (Bachelor: 3 CP) or via the VAK no. 07-M37-10-02-53 (Master: 6 CP) via Stud.IP and upload the report there. You wait for the assessment result and then register for the next possible deadline via PABO.

How does the registration of the CP take place?
An examination registration is only carried out when all CDE points required for the CP have been collected, this does not have to be in the current semester. To do this, register via VAK-Nr. 07-B37-4-71-01 (Bachelor: 3 CP) or via VAK-Nr. 07-M37-10-02-53 (Master: 6 CP) at the usual deadlines via PABO.

Are students from other programs/departments allowed to participate?
Yes, it has been coordinated with FB03 and FB04, since this module can be recognized as an elective/elective requirement. In case of doubt, please always ask your own study center.

Where can I get further information?
Please enter the module of the same name in StudIP and read the instructions in the "About" tab.