Cooperation Studies

Cooperation Studies

In addition to the two bachelor programs in Business Studies and Economics, the faculty also offers various study programs in cooperation with other faculties. These include the bachelor's degree programs:

Wirtschaftsinformatik B.Sc. (Information Systems and Management)

Business information scientists plan and develop information systems in companies and public administrations as well as in the private sector. They analyze business processes and design appropriate IT support. They use IT to develop novel business models, for example, on the Internet. The aim of this study program is, in particular, to train students in the role of a mediator in the field of company information processing and to familiarize them both with the perspective of the users and the developers. On the one hand students learn the basics of business administration and on the other hand the core competencies for the development of software in the form of application systems. At the same time, the foundations for a research-oriented master's program are laid.


Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen (Elektrotechnik/Informationstechnik) B.Sc. (Management and Electrical Engineering)

Engineers are puzzling over and working on the future technologies of our society. However, technical developments that are actually made into new products often depend on economic considerations. The study of industrial engineering ET/IT therefore combines the two disciplines Electrical Engineering / Information Technology and Economics. Students get to know both the business administration and the engineering fundamentals. At the same time, the study forms the basis for a research-oriented master's program.


Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen (Produktionstechnik) B.Sc. (Management and Production Engineering)

Today's life is shaped by the interaction of technical progress and economic and social change. On the one hand with increasing specialization and the globalization of economic processes on the other hand, coordination and cooperation within a company and across company boundaries are becoming increasingly complicated. Therefore, there is a significant need for professionals who are familiar with thinking and acting in these complex relationships.

The profession of an industrial engineer meets these requirements in a special way by combining technical expertise with economic judgment and social and communicative competencies.