Quality Management

Zuhörer in einem vollen Hörsaal.
Matej Meza
Zuhörer in einem vollen Hörsaal.

Quality Management at Faculty 7 in Teaching and Studies

The department relies on short and direct information channels in the implementation of its quality management. The Office of the Dean of Studies is currently held in personal union with the management of the Study Center as the central point of contact and coordination for quality management. The various members of the department are involved in QM depending on their function.

The following key figures and aspects are the focus of the QM measures in teaching and studying:

  • number of students in appropriate study time (standard duration plus 1 semester)
  • drop out/ attrition rate
  • graduation rate
  • study motivation and satisfaction
  • practice of grading
  • international experience (eg semester abroad, integration of international guest lecturers)
  • assurance of professional ability
  • study entry phase and
  • of course the assurance of study skills

A well-functioning QM system requires facilities and staff members within the department who support these processes.

The Study Center for Business Studies and Economics informs and advises students and prospective students about the structure of the study as well as answering questions concerning the course of studies. Information events and materials on current information needs, such as the preparation of the bachelor's thesis, choice of focus, transition to the master's program in business administration are organized and carried out by the study center. Students who are getting into the field of study as the result of a career change can find a counseling center as well as questions regarding the recognition of previous academic accomplishments here.

International Student Mobility is coordinated by the Office for Practice and International Affairs of the Faculty. The office establishes contacts to the practice, organizes theoretical-practical seminars and advises on all matters relating to a study abroad especially in regards to a Learning Agreement for a smooth recognition process, which is supported by the office.