Academic Program Curriculum

Course of Study

The Master's degree program Management Information Systems (MIS) has a standard duration of four semesters and concludes with the degree "Master of Science" (M.Sc.). As a consecutive study program, the MIS program requires a Bachelor’s degree in a business-, informatics- or business informatics-related subject. The Master's program trains students to take an active role in managing and shaping the digital transformation. The program thus extends thematically beyond the technical focus of business informatics and combines technical expertise with management competence. The language of instruction is English. Some (compulsory-)elective courses are offered in German.


The program consists of five areas:

  1. Management Information Systems (48 CP)
  2. Management Digital Innovation (18 CP)
  3. Computer Science (18 CP)
  4. General Studies (6 CP)
  5. Master’s Thesis (30 CP)


In the first year of study, students learn the computer science- and management-specific fundamentals for a management of information systems in three areas of studies.

  • In the area Management Information Systems (MIS), students acquire the theoretical concepts and methodological tools fundamental to MIS.

  • The area Management Digital Innovation (MDI) deals with the business implications of digital technologies.

  • In the area Computer Science (INF), students deal in particular with research on the transformation processes in organizations caused by digitalization.

In the third semester, students apply the fundamentals they have learned in a project. With 24 CP, this module takes up almost the entire workload of the semester and prepares students for the master's thesis, which takes up the entire workload of the fourth semester.

Useful Information at the Beginning of Your Studies

Email (2023): Start of Your Studies

Contacts at the Faculty (2024): Click here for the list

Info Session „Introduction to the Program“ (2022): Click here for the Presentation


The University of Bremen uses the learning and course management system Stud.IP (Study Accompanying Internet Support of Classroom Teaching). The registration requires the username and password of the account given by the Center for Networks (ZfN) for e-mail and other network services. Students receive an activation code and an activation password with their enrollment documents. At the beginning of the semester you should register for your courses via Stud.IP. Here there are course materials and announcements from teachers. Students can also manage their timetable, use discussion forums, access the bulletin board, and much more.


Internships are not included in the Master's degree program, but can be carried out at the student's own request and initiative during the lecture-free period. For questions about the implementation of an internship, the Office for Practice and Transfer of the faculty is available.

Semester Abroad

Studying abroad is not an obligation in the Master's degree program in Management Information Systems. However, the last academic year is structured in such a way that an optional semester abroad can be carried out. The recognition of study achievements abroad can be facilitated in advance through the acquisition of Learning Agreements. The courses and services will be determined in consultations with the Office for International Affairs before the start of the planned semester abroad.

Further information can be found on the homepage of the faculty in section International Affairs - Outgoings.