Examination Period

The written examinations of the current semester take place in the 2nd - 3rd week after the end of the lecture period. The retake examinations of the previous semester take place in the first week after the end of the lecture period.

Examination Registration

Students studiying Business Studies will apply for their exams via the Central Examination Office (PrüfungsAmt Bremen Online, PABO). The rooms for written exams and the results can be found on PABO.

The regular registration periods for exams are:

  • winter semester: 10 December till 10 January (canellation of enrollment 10 December till 31 January).
  • summer semester: 10 June till 30 June (canellation of enrollment 10 June till 30 June).

Students must re-enroll in PABO for the repetition of exams. An automatic registration does not occur.

Examination Schedules

Examination Annual Review


in the summer term 2023,
1st date (as of: 07 July 2023)

You can find the full list of all examinations here.