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  • Ingrid Krause / BTZ Bremer Touristik-Zentrale

    Our City

    Hanseatic, historical and liveable

  • Matej Meza

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    Individual, up-to-date and practical

Matej Meza


"The economy is not an island in society - and in this spirit we carry out basic and transfer-oriented research that places economic issues in the context of society as a whole and brings them into exchange with practice." - translated from the original in German

Prof. Dr. Jörg Freiling

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Our Topics

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Finance, Accounting and Taxes

The topics range from fiscal issues and governance mechanisms to new technological forms of financial services and corporate decision-making. These include, in particular, accounting, asset and risk management and the taxation and auditing of companies.

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Innovation Economics

Innovation processes are examined in micro- and macroeconomic models, with reference to development and innovation potentials of the regional economy and in operational decision processes with traditional and modern, for example evolutionary methods.

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Logistics deals with economic, technical and formal-analytical topics. A special focus is the maritime economy. Here, the development, evaluation and communication of innovative techno-economic measures for the design and control of processes are in focus.

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Management and Entrepreneurship

The topic area comprises management and governance of (multi)national companies. The research interest is focused on start-ups as well as the interaction of different actors of multinational companies. It is supplemented by questions of personnel management, sustainable corporate management and the organisation of companies.

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Marketing questions in the age of big data, e-commerce and artificial intelligence are the focus of the topic area. Particular attention is paid to current technological developments, in particular digitalisation. On the basis of current scientific findings, innovative methods are developed for use in practice.


Statistics und Econometrics

The topic area aims to answer current questions in business and economics with modern quantitative methods. A special focus is on the development and application of time series models in finance and risk management.

Our Graduate Research Group „Diginomics - Digitalisation, Economy &Society"

The graduate research group "Diginomics - Digitalisation, Economy & Society" examines entrepreneurial, ethical, socio-political and industrial psychological questions for the newly emerging or newly forming digital markets, value chains and organizations. The content of the paper includes questions related to blockchain, digital finance, artificial intelligence and platform economics. The development of innovative methods such as self-learning algorithms is also being worked on.