Internship Abroad

In addition to a temporary study abroad, there is also the opportunity to do an internship abroad. With an internship abroad you can "kill two birds with one stone" - the combination of gaining experience abroad and work experience. At the same time, subject-related and intercultural experiences in everyday working life can be collected, foreign language skills can be deepened, specialist vocabulary can be built up and valuable international (company) contacts can be made.

For undergraduate students, an internship of at least 5 weeks may be credited with the subsequent submission of an internship report as a study assessment. The procedure for recognition is identical to that for domestic internships. Further information on the procedure can be found on our homepage in the Practice section.

Since internships abroad are often not at all or not sufficiently financially rewarded, internships abroad in other European countries can be supported with an Erasmus+ scholarship. Students who have already completed a study abroad supported by the Erasmus+ program can also apply. In order to receive funding for an internship abroad outside the Erasmus area, an application for a PROMOS scholarship can be submitted.

Further information about internships abroad, further funding opportunities and specific internships can be found on the pages of the central International Office of the university.

The central Career Center provides support for the preparation of application documents for the international area, which often deviate from the usual requirements in Germany.