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Entry Requirements

A Bachelor’s degree is required for admission in a Master’s degree. The subject-specific admission requirements are regulated in the current admission regulations. The admission regulations also include different deadlines for providing a transcript of past academic achievements.

There are five study programs listed in the admission regulations, which qualify students to pursue this Master’s degree in Business Psychology:

  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Engineering and Management
  • Psychology
  • Business psychology

First semester admission is only possible in the winter term. The application deadline is 05/31. Applications are submitted online via the master portal of the University of Bremen. Advanced students in business psychology can apply for the winter and the summer term. The application deadline for the summer semester ends on 01/15. The Business Psychology program has a restricted admission, so that a selection process takes place in accordance with the admission regulations.

A balance of approximately 50% Business Studies students and 50% Psychology students is intended. You can apply for the program if you have gained at least 130 CP in your first degree program by the application deadline.

The admission regulations require applicants to take part in an entrance test. To ensure that students are well prepared for the admission test, you will find an example test in the link (Click on “Login” without entering a password. In the selection that appears, click on “Start” right next to the example test in Business Psychology. If a pop-up blocker is activated in the browser it must be switched off or an exception for this website must be added. For the technical requirements including browser settings, see the following link Further information regarding the test and the administration procedure are available Here. The admission/rejection letters will be sent by the admission office in mid-July. Please refrain from telephone inquiries regarding the results of the admission process.



Admission is limited, admission according to approval / admission regulations.


Deadline for application / enrollment beginner

31.05. for the winter semester

ATTENTION: Important information (in German) regarding the entrance test HERE.

Deadline for application / enrollment advanced

31.05. for the winter semester
15.1. for the summer semester


Application Portal

Detailed information on the application process can be found in the Master-Portal of the University of Bremen.

Questions about application answered:

Contact: Dr. Nadine Husenbeth

E-Mail: wipsyprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de | Room: WiWi1 A3330